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Interview with Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Done by Patrick 8-7-14

Metal  Hails 
Here  is  a  treat  for  all you  old-school  maniacs   a interview   with     Joseph Curwen:for Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Comes  out  of  Chile's  death  metal  scene .The  new  LP  is  being  released  by  Iron  Bonehead  and the  cd version  is being  handled  by   Dark Descent Rec.  so  be  sure to  grab  a copy  today!!
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Interview with Joseph Curwen: Vocalist,Guitarist for Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Joseph. Please introduce yourself to the readers. When did you first discover Metal?

 Greetings Patrick!I’ll try to remember!...When I was a kid (10-11years old I think) the “curiosity” for Metal started, surely a visual attraction first for the cover arts. I remember that the first original “Cassette”I bought was “Ride the Lightning”. I really liked the sound of the guitars; the speed… but I didn’t understand the lyrics at all! Then with some schoolmates I got a “pirate” copy of the “Show No Mercy”! That was pure Satanism! Cover arts like those make music becoming an obsession for children and youngsters when they initiate, then in 1990 (I was 12 years old) the Incubus “God Died on his Knees” tape cover attracted my attention… a huge inverted cross on its cover. I think I listened to that tape everyday! ... After Incubus I wanted to get all the material from thatstyle; Death Metal was my thing! I tried copying everything I could; classics like “Mantas/Death”, “Carnage/Dismember” “Nihilist/Entombed”, the whole Tampa Florida American era and the New York Death Metal scene… It really was a huge discovery when you listened for the first time to records like “Altars of Madness. It sounded perfect, heavy and almost impossible to play by human beings!

 2.Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some of your favorites today?

Like many from my generation Slayer represents a “before and after” in metal. For me, their first 5 records are the essential, each one with their own identity.Once that I already started with the most extreme metal I liked all the classic Death and Death-Thrashbands from the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s …Funeral Nation, Aggressor, Infernal Majesty, Celtic Frost, Blood, Megaslaughter, Rottrevore, Cancer, Repulsion, Sacrifice, Assassin, Kreator, Necronomicon, Merciless, Whiplash,Sadus, Fatal… Vulcano, Mutilator,Necrodeath,you know… all those that are a must. Though, from the old bands, many have disappointed in their evolution, but there are many for which I still have a lot of respect for keeping active and worthy. For example, I still like, and they are within my favorites, everything from King Diamond / Mercyful Fate; closer to Death Metal always among my favorites are SADISTIC INTENT, MORTEM, AUTOPSY. They are active bands that don’t betray their roots (few can say that!). The same happens to me with monsters like Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Incantation. They are still alive reinventing the style. 

 3.When did you get the idea to form Unaussprechlichen Kulten? You started the band in 1999 what has kept you motivated to keep the band going for so many years? How did you come up with the name of the band?What does it mean?

  I suppose that the band’s name will be a mandatory question for a long time…. Although it is “grammatically incorrect”, it is “spiritually correct” for us. The name corresponds to a Lovecraftian apocryphal. It is the name of an alleged German originated witchcraft book. Lovecraft made a grammatical mistake while doing the translation, mistake that of course, we didn’t want to “correct”. However, when we started, the name I came up with was “Culto Innombrable” (“Nameless Cult”), just like that in Spanish; we even designed a logo with that name, until I realized about “the strange coincidence, full of sense” with “Unaussprechlichen Kulten”. It was the same name! It was perfect, diabolically whispered by “Azathot/Azazel” just for us!

4.What is the current line-up for the band? For the readerswho have never heard the band before how would you describe the sound?

 We are a completely unknown band for most of the Death fans on the planet. We come from the “Third World” (Chile – South America) and our records have been released under editions of very few copies and little promotion. Now, really, under Iron Bonehead and with the help of Dark Descent (USA) we expect the promotion to be done in a much better way.

A brief description of our sound: Death Metal with a strong influence of the American scene from the 90’s and some feeling from the Finish/Swedish bands from the same time, of course, with the South American (chaotic and rabid) style. Musically, it’s like putting something from Sadistic Intent / Demigod / Mortem in the blender, being very careful of doing good guitar arrangements, not just following the “Riffs” format, but something more atmospheric, sinister, chaotic and asymmetric between both guitars.

5. Unaussprechlichen Kulten is getting ready to release its new LP. BaphometPanshub-Niggurath through the mighty Iron Bonehead Records.How long did it take to write the songs for the new release?

The whole process takes around one year (Lyrics and Metal). From “People of the Monolith” onwards, it has been the same. I write the lyrics, then me and Butcher of Christ build the structure and cuts; I bring the riffs, the arrangements and disharmonies of both guitars (I bring everything done and ready from before and according to what the lyrics need, fast parts, slower and heavier, strange arrangements, etc.). Once I show the guitars to Butcher, the drums is 100% his responsibility, then we adjust the structure and cuts in the rehearsal room. After that base is composed the bass is done (based on the drums). On this last record NAMRU IMPETRADORUM MORTEM joined into the bass creation process. All the bass are 100% created by him in the Chapter VIII.

 The album was recorded at DM6 (that is, home!) this year, 2014. Not only have we recorded all our albums there but our rehearsal room is there as well. It’s more than 10 years in that place. Pablo Clares has been a great friend and ally of the band during all this time!

Our current line-up is:
L.P.L.C: Spiritual Member

6.Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs?What are some subjects you all write about?

The lyrics correspond to the “free interpretation” of the Lovecraft work and how it is present in different cultures and mythologies. In occasions I use textual quotes from H.P.L. or other authors, combined in some cases with personal research and experiments. For example, “Lucifer Poseidon Cthulhu” is a consolidation of Demonic/Sea concepts. The Kali-Yuga animal-man on its infinite arrogance intends to locate at the center of the universe, imagining boring gods that observe him eager to judge his behavior. The Laws, Morality, Religions and Science involuted from the Iron Age lack validity and meaning in the cosmic plane.Being mankind no more than an accident in time and space, the lamb-man is not even the first nor shall be the last inhabitant on Earth.
Only in incapacity or relating its ephemeral knowledge allows him to live ina placid island of ignorance, surrounded by the black seas of “the infinite”. In case of being able to “know or raise” the veil of “beyond” he would go mad or immediately self-destruct before the revelation. Perhaps only the Bearer of Light “gnosis” (Lucifer), to what H.P Lovecraft called “the call of Cthulhu” allows him to suspect on “strange survival” and the terrible vision of “the truth”.(Poseidon’s trident)

 7.How has the response been from the fans who have heard it? What about the press?

 To be 100% honest, there isn’t much “press” or specialized media talking about our work, but just many friends and coreligionaries (from zines, labels, distros, Blogs, Webzines, etc.), that during much time have supported us (like Crypts of Eternity or Necromaniac among others). We don’t attract the attention of the “big media” of metal.
But until now it’s been very good critics. Actually, the first thing I care about is that they realize that the work is honest, that has a lot of effort and no pretenses. After that, each one can interpret or give an opinion on the music or lyrics as they please! 

8.Does Unaussprechlichen Kulten have any tours/shows planned? Where are some places you will be playing? If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands{past or present} you would love to share the stage with?

Of course, this 2014 we’ll be on tour with ZOMBIFICATION and INCARCERATION at the beginning of September, through Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, we’ll be in Denmark in the last KILL TOWN DEATH FEST. We are very eager to be there. Afterwards, by finishing September, we’ll have some shows in Spain, France together with Decapitated Christ! We really want to be there soon!
IN the past, we have already had the chance to share with Immolation, Grave, After Death, Mortem… one of our favorite bands is SADISTIC INTENT; it’d be really great to share a show. Another band I’d like to share stage with is PENTACLE… both are alive! So there is a chance!

9.In your opinion what does the term Underground Metal mean to you?

I consider “Underground Metal” all the movement (Bands, labels, magazines, etc.),which turns only around one passion, to the enthusiasm for “Metal” that has no hidden “pretense” or commercial purpose. I don’t care if the bands are completely unknown or if they are very popular, if a band is more “popular” it doesn’t mean that it stops being “underground”.Extreme Metal may never be massive, due to its own nature. Bands need not “hiding” or stop doing “promotion”, or releasing “very limited copies” to be “more underground”. Extreme Metal is normalized on its own; the “industry” or the masses will never like or be interested in a noisy anti-cultural movement and of explicit lyrics and attached to things which are unpleasant to most people.  Being “Underground” is typical to all anti-cultural movements or protester from the established “ canon”. 

10.Joseph you handle the vocals for the band. When did you first start  singing/growling? Is there anything you do special to keep your voice/throat healthy?

I started with the voices in U. Kulten. Actually, it was a need. At first, I just wanted to play guitar, but I didn’t like the idea of having a “vocalist”, so I just tried; only worked in focusing on the lyrics, giving the emphasis, brutality or darkness words need, nothing more.Is there any secret in order to take care of your throat? Absolutely nothing, probably in some years I may not even be able to talk! Hahaha, but it doesn’t matter. For now, I’m willing to tear my throat if I have to!

 11.Who are some of your favorite singers?

  There are several. In feeling and darkness I believe that Enrique Chávez y Bay Cortez! Each one in their style! If we talk about brutality, the one is Frank Mullen, and for my taste the “deepest” voice is Ross Dolan’s of course, mi respect of course to the best of all (even though he is not related to Death Metal at all): King Diamond.

12.You also handle the guitars for the band. Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when first starting out? 

I only play guitar. I don’t consider myself a “musician” either. I only know how to play Metal; a musician is capable of playing any style. Mine is totally self-taught. It’s not that I feel “proud” of that, I’m aware that I must made many mistakes for not having a musical education in my instrument. For now, the level I handle is enough to express what our music needs: darkness and devotion!

13.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

I only play guitar. In the past I embarked myself with the bass guitar (in Magnanimvs), but my thing is the guitar. Among guitar players, I take influence from several, like for example, Rick Rozz; he is, to my taste, the best one using the tremolo; Trey Azagthoth is very good with effects (doing bizarre solos); of course, Hank Shermann and Andy La Rocque, and more in Death Metal closer to our line, Robert Vigna, not only due to the solos (which are very good), but also for the way of composing!

14. Unaussprechlichen Kulten comes out of Chile's metal scene.What is your opinion of Chile and South America’s metal scene as a whole?

At the South American level there are positive and negative things. Negative things, for example, are that there are many copycat bands. It’s pointless to have copycat bands of the “90’s Norwegian” type black metal, talking about winter and snow, in a continent where there’s no snow, neither Nordic gods. Generally, I believe that one negative thing is that with so much information (and so easy to acquire), the South American scene has been losing its identity; before it used to be particular to have a rabid riffing guitar, ripped voices full of energy. The music really transmitted all that rage; now there are many “clones” and a lot of “old school”. We are in 2014, there’s no need to be nostalgic.

On the other hand, the “professionalization” of the bands/labels/zines in South America has allowed many bands to grow; the bands do a much more serious work and with promotion. Among them I’d highlight EKRONKULT, INCRUST, HEADHUNTER DC, DIABOLICAL MESSIAH, EMBALMED SOULand several others that I’m not remembering right now.

Chile has a very potent current scene. There are many good bands, good labels and good zines; we have underground metal shows of excellent quality. Sometimes I think that there are more bands than public, there are more magazines than readers, more labels than metal buyers. I hope that soon we can become a great scene as the Brazilian was at some point, and why not, as the Tampa Florida or the Swedish scene was. 

As in any order of things, there are unwanted people, posers and rip offs,copycat or clone bands, but they don’t deserve to be named nor spending time in being named.

15.Who are some of your all-time favorite South American bands? Are there any new ones you feel the readers should check out?

 I believe that my favorite bands would be Pentagram,Sepultura (old), Mortem, Mutilator, Masacre (Col), ShubNiggurath, Hades (Peru), Chakal, Vulcano,Sarcogafo, Necrosis; basically, the scene from the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s from Chile, Brazil and Colombia.
Currently, there are tons of good bands, for example, from Chile: Godless, Ancient Crypts, Magnanimvs, Demonic Rage, Force of Darkness! From Brazil: Poisonus; from Perú: Profaner and Evoked terror.

16.Well Joseph thank you for taking the time to do this interview.Do you have any final words you would like to add? 

Thanks to you for your interest and support to the band and to the people that took the time to read this interview. 

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Interview with Children Of Technology done by Patrick 7-29-14

Children  Of  Technology   are  a  Italial  cross-over   band  that  plays  some  really  great  music.  The  band  is  getting  ready  to   release  their  2nd CD  on  Hells  Headbanger's  Records. so  if  your  a  fan  of cross-over  metal/punk  then  give  this  a  listen  today.
Metal   Regards

Interview  with  Children Of  Technology   done  by   Patrick
1.Metal  hails  when  did  you  all first  meet?  was  it  long  before  Children Of  Technology   was  born?
The band was formed in 2008 by Death Lord and Goddess, they use to live in the same area and share a lot of music. That has been the original core of the band. Borys and Jex has joined at the end of 2012.
2.What  is   the  current  line-up  for  the  band?  For  the  reader's  who  maybe  new to   Children Of  Technology's  music  how  would  you  describe  it?
Death Lord on vocals, Goddess of Hammering Chaos on drums, Borys Crossburn on guitar, Mad Jex on bass. Well, COT blend together metal and punk in the 80's tradition, both in the UK (Warfare, Broken Bones, English Dogs...) and US (Carnivore above all) way, it's post-apocalyptic mayhemic metalpunk destruction!!
3.Children Of  Technology  are  getting  ready  to  release  their  second  LP/cd  "Future Decay"   through   Hells  Headbanger's  Rec.  how  did  you  guys  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?

We got in touch with them in 2010 when they released the Cd version of our first album (vinyl was on Agipunk). Right now "Future decay" is out on Cd on Hells Headbangers but vinyl is actually on Ripping Storm Records.
4.How  long  did  it  take to  write  the  songs  on  the  new  release  "Future Decay"?  Does  the   whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  of  the  music  or  does  one member  usually  write  everything?
It has taken almost a year of work, we live pretty far from each other and had to work hard on the songs and on cementing the new line-up. We work together on the songs, that's why it takes longer by the way. We are very happy with the result, both sound and music-wise.
5.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band? What  are  some  topics/subjects  you  all write  about?
Lyrics are written by Death Lord, they are usually set in a post-apocalyptic world and the whole mood is pretty gloomy. If you are into movies like the Mad Max trilogy, A Boy and his Dog, Threads, Children of Men... well, you know what we mean
6.Does  Children Of  Technology     have  any  tours  or  shows  coming  up?  If  yes  where  will  the  band  be  playing ?
 It's not easy to work out tours since we all have regular day jobs, but we already have several concerts planned in Italy and we are looking forward to hit abroad as well, we already had the chance to tour Europe twice in the past
7.Who  are  some  bands  you  have  shared  the  stage  with  ?If  you  could  set  up  a  dream  tour/show  who  are  some  bands  {past or  present  you  would  love to  share  the  stage  with?
We have played with Corrosion Of Conformity, Pagan Altar, Hellbastard, Witchburner, Zoldier Noiz, Angel Witch, Ghost, Hooded Menace, Wolfbrigade, Nunslaughter, Inepsy among the many bands. Would be great playing with Warfare and Death SS!
8.Children Of  Technology    come  out  of  Italy's  music  scene  what  is  your   opinion  of  Italys   music scene?
The italian scene is healthy, there's a whole lot of great bands ready to be discovered or which are already quite known. There'se a lot of shows going on also. Maybe not many labels/distros but we won't complain, we have had our share of hard times in the past
9.Who  are  some  of  your  all time  favorite  Italian  bands?Are  their   any  new  bands  you   feel  the  readers  should  check  out  sometime  soon?
 Among the classics how not to mention Death SS, Strana Officina, Wretched, Goblin, Bulldozer, Schizo, Necrodeath, Incinerator, Negazione, Dark Quarterer, Krisma, Battiato... and yeah, Sabrina Salerno! well, talking more strictly about actual italian metal/punk bands, we would mention Bunker 66, Morbo, Noia, Kontatto, Gravesite, Overcharge, Abysmal Grief, Axevyper, Violentor, Profanal, Voids of Vomit, Baphomets Blood, Hatred, Ed, Extirpation, Terrorsaw... 
10.In  your   opinion  what   does  Underground  metal  mean  to  you?
 It's our past, present and future, we deeply respect all the people the keeps it alive and we do our share of work as well! Only the underground is really passion-driven, when it's money-driven instead, well, that's not our pair of shoes anymore.
11.Are  any  of  the   members   of   Children Of  Technology   currently  working  with   other  bands  or  solo  projects?
Borys also plays in Barbarian and Robanera and Jex in Saturnine.

12.Thank  you  for   taking  the   time  to  fill this   interview   out.Do  you   have  any  final   comments?

Thanks a lot for supporting COT!!!
Label  Contact 

And  vinyl   release  can  be  ordered  here

Incantation Interview done by Patrick on 7-29-14

Metal  Hails!! 
Here  is  a  new  Interview   with  the  legendary  Incantation  discussing  the  metal  scene   and  their   newest  cd {9TH overall}  "Dirges of Elysium"  through  Listenable  Rec.
enjoy  the  interview  and  definitely  pick  up  a  copy  "Dirges of Elysium"  today

Interview  With  John  Mcentee  Vocalist,Guitarist  for  Incantation   done  by   Patrick

1.Metal  Hails  John  thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  do  this  interview.When  did you  first  discover  metal  music?  Who  were  some  of  the   early rock/metal  bands you  listened to?

 hi, thanks for the interview! I first got into metal in the mid 70's as a young kid. I seen kiss on a tv show and was mesmerized. From there I got into other hard rock bands like Queen then stuff like ac/dc Black Sabbath, deep purple over time I just progressively got into heavier and heavier music

2.When  did you  first  get  the  idea  to  form  "Incantation"  ?  How  did you  come  up  with  the  name  for  the  band?
  I played in a death thrash band call Revenant from. 86 to 89. By mid 89 I started to see a change in the Revenant style with the band members. They seen to want to go more technical and clean. By that time I already decided to want to be heavier and more aggressive. So late July 89 I had to make a decision if I wanted to follow what revenant was doing or take a chance with a new band. revenant was trying out drummers at the time and Ross from Immolation told me about this drummer called Paul Ledney. So I contacted him and he played me his bands toten and blood thirsty dead demos. I knew right then in there that this guy was on the same page as me. So soon after Incantation  was born. Paul came up with the name incantation, I didn't like it a first but I do now and the name stuck.  When Paul left the band we decided to have me keep the name incantation and he would start a new band called Profanatica.

3.What  is  the  current  line up  for  the  band?I'm  sure  everyone  has  heard  atleast one  song  from Incantation  but if their  are  any  new  metal-heads  reading  this how  would you  describe  Incantations  music?

 right now the line up is: myself on guitar vocals/ Kyle Severn - drums / chuck Sherwood - bass / Sonny "darkie" Lombardozzi lead guitar. 
It is dark and heavy death metal in the traditional style but done our own original way.

4.Incantation  is getting ready  to  release  it's  ninth  studio  album  how  long  did it  take the  band to write  the  songs for  this  release?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  t he  music or does one or two members  usually  take care  of  everything?


 we all work on music and we weed out the worst parts and ideas and try to work the good stuff together to come up with meaningful songs.
For myself I try to think of what I want to express with a riff or song and then write it on guitar. 
As for how long it takes to write a album. There no set time, it all works on inspiration. At the moment it doesn't take long to come up with ideas because we are extremely inspired and the ideas keep coming.

5. Who usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  songs?Where do you  all get  inspiration? How   has  the  response  been  from  the fans and  the  press?

 Chuck - We all have contributed. Ancient civilizations and their religions. Occultism and ritual practices. Dreams/Visions. Responses have been mixed. The negative has either been constructive criticism or written/said by those unappreciative of our style. The positive feedback is rewarding and uplifting. It's an honor to create death metal for you heathens.

John - the response has been great with the press.


 6.Does  Incantation   have  any tours  coming  up?Where  are  some  places you   all will be  playing?

 we are touring Europe as I do the interview. This run will take is to Poland, Germany, holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, France and Spain. We are also working on some us touring with macabre this summer. Then in the fall we are working of South America.


7.John you  and Incantation  have toured all over  the  world  where  have  been some  of your  favorite countries/places   to  play?Are  their  any countries  that you  haven't  played  yet  that you  hope to  one  day?
  yes we have been lucky enough to play all over the world.
It's crazy but Europe has almost become a 2nd home for us. It hard to say what my favorite places to play are but I really enjoy South America, also Australia and New Zealand were great. I really enjoyed playing japan that was a lot of fun. We really want to play more shows in Asia. We only played japan and I know there are a lot more metal heads around there that would like to see incantation live.

8.Who are  some  of  the bands you  have  had  the  pleasure  to  share  the  stage  with  over  the  years? If you  could  set up  a  dream tour  who are some bands  {past  or  present} you would  love to share  the stage  with?

 we have toured with a lot of great bands like Morbid Angel, Nile, behemoth, Vader, Grave,  cannabial  corpse and many more.
A dream package would be opening for Black Sabbath, slayer from the 80 era, sarcofago, and maybe necrovore.

9.John  in your  opinion  what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  metal  scene?And  what does  the term Underground  metal  mean to you?

 I think that to many band follow trends instead of creating music with there own personality. 
The best think is that it a place in the music world where you can be creative with no rules. Music with rules just sucks.
To me the underground is a place to get our your music to people that want yo hear no tredosena music. It a place where people can be true to then selves and not a slave to money.

10.John you  play  the  guitars  for the  band  when  did you  first become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Are you  self taught  or did you take  lessons  when first  learning?

 I first picked up the guitar when I was 8 years old. I got a cheep acoustic guitar for my birthday. I didn't play it much. I really wanted an electric. when I was 13 I saved up enough money to buy a electric guitar, it was a ibanez. I also bought a little amp to go with it, along with a rat distortion pedal. That was when it really started for me. I started taking lessons for about a year. Then a few years later i took lessons from Ed Fuhrman who played in the NJ band Hades. He showed me some advance techniques and good solo scales. Then for about one year I took lessons at my community college with this old blues cat. He really pushed me to play with feeling. Even about 6 months ago, I had my friend Chris webber from Rottrevore teach me some finger picking techniques. And over the last few months I have been taking lessons from our other guitarist Sonny "darkie" lombardozzi. He is a guitar virtuoso and he is helping me improve my technique. I got Into some band habits over the years. But yes it's never too late to improve as a guitarist.


11.Who  are some  of your  influences/favorite  guitarist? Do you  play any  other  instruments?

 the only other instrument I play is bass.
As for guitarist I really like Tony" IommiRitchie" BlackmoreMichael SchenkerYngwie Malmsteen, as for death metal guitarist I really like Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles a lot.

12.John you  also  handle  the  vocals  for  the  band  when did you  start singing/growling? Do you  do  anything  special to  keep your  throat and voice healthy  when  in  the studio  or  on tour?

 I started around 2002 ish. It took a long time to learn how to match all the tones from the different vocalist we have had in the past. Especially because I have never done vocals in a band before Incantation. The best thing for doing vocals is to not abuse your body and get a good night sleep. 

13.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  vocalist? 

 my favorite Death metal vocalist are Chris Reifert, Jon Deplachett, Paul Speckmann, Dave Hewson and old Tom G. Warrior

14.John  you  also  own  Ibex  Moon Records  when did you  get the  idea to  start the  label?  What  releases  are still available  for  the  fans?


 right now ibex moon is no more. I had to stop due to the fact I was losing to much money, and with my wife losing her job to to some medical issues. I do have some left over stock so if anyone wants some please contact me.

15.Do you   have  any  more  releases  coming  out  soon  that   the  readers  should  watch  out for? What  do  you  look  for  when  signing  or  releasing a band?

  no new releases for Ibex Moon. We are not signing any new bands.

16.Well  we  have  reached  the  end  of  the  interview thank you  for  taking  the time to fill this out.  do you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

 thanks so much for the support! It was a killer interview. I look forward to seeing all you sick fucks on the road!


Listenable   Records

Incantation   web-site's


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A few new reviews for Primitive Ways done by Patrick 7-22-14

Here  are  some  new  reviews  of  old-school  metal  bands for  everyone to   read  and  check  out.
 If you  are  a  old-school  thrash,death,black metal  band  or  label   feel free to  contact  me  about  reviews  and POSSIBLE  interviews

Atavisma--Where  Wolves  Once  Dwelled Cassette  tape  {Nihilistic  Holocaust}

Atavisma  come  out  of  the  death metal  scene  in  France  and  play  a  very  old-school  death  metal  with  some  death/doom influences  mixed  in the  music.The  guitars  are  played  with  some  great  riffs  and  range  from  mid-paced to a  slower  style  with  sme  great  solo's  and  patterns.The  drums  are   done  amazing  with some  fast  beats  but  does  slow to  a  mid-paced  drum  patterns  in a few  songs.The vocalist  does a great  job  with  death growls  and some  deeper growls  in a few songs.Atavisma  are a  band  with  a lot  of  talent  and  great  idea's  this  is  a  band to  watch for.
                                                                                    Label   Contact
The Rut--Self-titled   {self-released} 
The  Rut  is  the  new  band  from  Andrew  Parrish  on  vocals  {Besides  being a good friend  he  is the  one  who  got  me  interested  in  doing  my  own  zine but enough of the  history  lesson.The Rut  is  a very  hard  band  to  put  into   a  certain  genre {or  even  genre's}  the  musical  styles  very  from  cross-over punk/thrash  to  a  more  rocknroll vibe  with  some death metal  creeping  in  the  songs.The  guitars  are  all over the   place  one  minute doing  a  rock style  riffs  the  next  playing  cross  over thrashy/punk  styles.The  drumming  is  good  mix  of  mid-paced rock  with  some  faster  beats  and   Andrew's vocals  are  done  really  well  with  clean vocal  patterns  {This  is  my  first  encounter  hearing  him  sing  like this} and  some  screams,This  is  a  good  release  for   anyone  who  wants to  listen to  something  different. 
                                                                 Band   Contact
 Shards  Of  Humanity--Fractured  Frequencies   cd   {Unspeakable  Axe  Records}
This  is   Shards  Of  Humanity  debut  cd  "Fractured  Frequencies"  thrash  is  what   Shards  Of  Humanity   play  and  do  a  damn  good  job.The  guitars  are  played with  a lot  of  speed, and catchiness  with  some  good  solo's  mixed  in.Shards  Of  Humanity  are  a  great  thrash  band  so  if  your  a  thrasher  then  definitely  pick  this  cd  up  soon.
                                                                   Label   Contact
Sheol/For--Split  7inch   {Iron  Bonehead  Records}
Sheol  from  the  U.K  start  off this  seven  inch  with  their  song  "Phosphagous  Amorpheon" .Sheol  play  death  metal  the  way  it  is  supposed to  be  played   heavy  and  vicious  the drumming  is  done with  semi-fast  blast beats  The  guitars  are done  with  a lot  of  powerful  riffs  and chords.The  second  band   is  Sweden's  own   "For"  with  their track  "To  Envisage A Fuliginous Sun" extremely  well written  song  with  some  great ,heavy riffs    the drumming  is top notch  with  some extremely  fast  beats  but  does slow to  mid paced range  before going  full force  again.Both  bands  play  death  metal  the  way  it  should be  played  if your  a fan  of these  bands then get  this  now and if you've  never heard the  bands  do  yourself  a favor  and buy this  now.
                                                                     Label   Contact
Unaussprechlichen  Kulten--- Baphomet  Pan Shub-Niggurath  LP,CD   {Iron Bonehead,Dark  Descent rec.}
Unaussprechlichen  Kulten  have  released  their  third  full length   Baphomet  Pan Shub-Niggurath  on  LP AND  CD.  the  music  is  crushing,heavy  death  metal  with some  excellent  guitar  riffs  and very well played  patterns.The drumming  is very chaotic  with  some  fast  beats and  some  mid paced  drums  entertwined.Vocals  are done  with  sheer force  and   some  great  death  growls. The  LP.  is  being  released  by  Iron Bonehead Rec.  and  the  cd  version  will be  released  soon  by Dark  Descent.
                                                                 Label   Contact

Interview with Provocator done by Patrick on 7-22-14

Metal hails! 
here  is a  new  Interview  with  the  new  band  from  Hellscream  {Bleeding Fist}  Provocator is  raw,old-school  sounding  blackness.Definitly  recommended to  all the  maniacs  who  love  raw,violent  black  metal.

Interview   with  Hellscream  vocalist,all  instruments   for   Provocator    done  by   Patrick 
1.Metal  Hails  Hellscream!   When  did you  get  the  idea  to  form  Provocator? How  did  you  come  up  with  the  name  of the band?

 -I came up with the idea for Provocator because i had a lot of riffs and ideas that i never used for Bleeding FIst, so i decided to unleash it by my solo Project provocator, the name comes up because as Bleeding Fist we have a lot of haters over here in Slovenia so in a way
Black metal it`s a provocation against christianity so i choose Provocator  
2. Provocator    is  getting  ready  to  release  the  debut  cd  "Antikristus"  through  Moribund Records. How  long  did  it  take  you to  write  the  music  for  this  release?

-some riffs are 10years old, so i can say that it`s a lifetime release.

3.How  Has  the  response  been  from  the  fans  and  the  press?

-i think a lot of old school maniacs love the sound of Provocator so this is more than grat to me, i dont care of popularity or other stuff, i want only to share the devils music 

4.Hellscream  you  live  in  Slovenia  what  is  the  scene  like  in  Slovenia?

- the scene in Slovenia it`s pretty much shitty, there is a lot of great bands, but everyone fight with each other, so we cant say that here a scene exist 

5.Who  are   your  all time  favorite  Slovenia  bands? Are  their  any  new  metal  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should watch  out  for?

 Mist, Hellsword, Teleport, Vigilance
6.What  does  black  metal  mean  to  you?

- Black Metal it`s a lifestyle as my friend Lord Astaroth from Kurgaall says 

7.When  did  you  first  start  singing/screaming?  Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  singers?

-i think it was back in 1999, i admire the style of Attila from mayhem, Erik Danielson, Master motorsag from Bestial Mockery and ofcourse the master GG ALLIN 

8.Hellscream  you    also  play  the  guitar when  did you become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?

 -i think the same time as i start to sing -scream in 1999

9.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  guitarist? do  you  currently  play  any other   instruments? 

Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom, GG ALLIN, i play bass and keyboard

10.Hellscream  you  are  also  in  the  great  band Bleeding Fist  when  did you  al form Bleeding Fist?What  is  the  current line-up? 

- now we are rehearsing for our upcoming anniversary shows, when we will play some Provocator stuff too
the current lineup is

11.How  would  you   say  provocator's  music  is  different  then Bleeding  Fist's music?

-Because is more simple, raw and in your face, bleeding fist to me is more mystic, provocator is only death war madnnes hate and chaos 

12.Thank  you  for taking  the  time  to  fill this  interview   out.Do  you  have  any final comments  for  the  readers?




Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Interview with Atavisma done by Patrick on 7-15-14

Here  is  a  new  interview   with   Atavisma  from   France's    underground  death  metal  scene.If  you   are  into  old-school  death metal  with some doom influence  you  will need to  get  a  copy  of 
Atavisma   demo   "Where Wolves Once Dwelled   through    Nihilistic Holocaust.
thanks  for   reading  this  interview  and  be  sure to  check  out  the  other  Reviews and interviews  on  the   web-site

Interview   with Lucas  vocalist  for  Atavisma   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Lucas  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

Hi Patrick, as you said I'm the vocalist and founder of Atavisma. I'm nearly 20 years old and live in Paris area.

2.When did  you  first  meet  the  other  member's   of  Atavisma? How  did you  all come  up  with  the  name  of 
the  band? 

At first I met Giorgio (the guitarist and composer) and after some discussions we have decided to make a band. We
stayed just him and me for the demo because we haven't find yet a drummer who is now Charlie.
The name Atavisma came to myself as an evidence very quickly after the decision to make a band. Atavisma itself
does not signify anything and at the same time the notion of atavism carries a lot of meaning, whether an historic point of view, cultural or biological. I like very much this name.

3.What  is  the  current line-up? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Atavisma   how  would  you  describe 
the  music?

Currently, as I said before we are three: Giorgio, Charlie and me. We still search for a bassist, we have maybe a
possibility with someone, we'll see that in summer/autumn. For the future shows, if we still haven't find a bass
player, I have a good old friend that could help us.
Describe the music seems to be easy and hard a the same time ! At first we wanted to play old school death metal,
but as the band advance, the doom aspect came to us naturally. We loved all kinds of doom and we saw that the
doom side includes itself well to our universe. Our lyrics are of course around the notion of atavism, but also about
colonialism, ancestral/pagan traditions and the deep ecology such as the norwegian writer Arne Næss.

4.Atavisma  has  released  their  debut  demo "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" through   Nihilistic Holocaust.How  did  you all come  in  contact  with  the label?

Actually, the "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" has been released at first through Dead Center Productions on MCD. But
we had at heart to release the demo on tape. We knew Nihilistic Holocaust before, because Gabriel (the owner)
emailed us after that we released the demo. So we trade some CDs of our demo with him ! Later he proposed to us  to release the demo on tape.

5.How  long  did  it  take  to  write  the  music for  the  demo? Does  the  whole  band take part  in  the  writing  process or does  one member  usually  write  everything?

Writing a track can take some hours or some months according to inspiration. Sadly I'm unable for writing music, Giorgio must compose everything but I know to tell what I want !

6.Who  usually  writes  the   lyrics for the  band?Where do you  draw  inspiration  for the  lyrics?

Most of the lyrics are usually writes by me but Giorgio bring also his ideas.

7.How  has   the  response  been  from  the  fans? What  about  the  press?

Pretty good I must say ! We have now some fans around the world and that's very great. The press is generally
agreed to tell that we have potential but the sound of the demo is a bit dirty. Most of the critics we received was in
this idea. For me it's only positive, we can only make better

8.Has   Atavisma  started  working  on  new  songs  for  the  next  demo  or  full-length?

Of course ! We will not stand doing nothing. I have some lyrics aside and new music is currently writes. We hope to  record again in august and if possible with a better sound. We should release two split-albums before the end of  the year. The full-length should come the next year, I say no more...

9.What does  the  term  Underground Metal  mean to  you?

That's a big question ! For me, the underground scene should stay more "true". I don't like to use this word   because everybody claims himself "true". But the underground scene keep more the spirit of metal like any other   scene. A little taste of old school

10.Atavisma   comes  out  of  France's  metal  underground  scene.What  is your  opinion  of the  scene  in France?

With good and bad as elsewhere I guess. But I have to say that we a huge and good black metal scene in France.

11.Who  are  some of your    all-time   favorite  bands from  France? Are  their  any new  bands you   feel  the   readers  should  check  out soon?

 My favorite band is and will remain Peste Noire, all the discography is excellent ! I'am a big fan of this band. In  good bands in France we have also bands like Belenos, Ataraxie or more recently Necrowretch. Sadly there is not a  death/doom scene.

12.Lucas  you  handle  the vocals for  the  band  when did you  first  get  into  singing/growling?

A very long time ! I imagine that my first growling was so crappy ! I think I've improved since then.

13.Who  are  some  of your  influences/favorite   singers? Do  you  play any other  instruments?

When I was younger I tried to copy the growls of Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under ! But now my favorite singers are  from like Coffins, Ataraxie, Archgoat, Eye of Solitude or Hamferð.

14.Lucas  are  you  or  any of the  members  currently  working  with  other bands? if  yes  please  tell  the   readers   about  them.

 Giorgio is in a thrash metal band and a progressive metal metal band, I don't know more about it. For my part I  would like to found an another band as a second project. Atavisma stay the priority. I have the idea of another band  near of Atavisma but more focus on the melody and the slowness such as Hamferð, Shape of Despair, Eye of  Solitude or The Slow Death.

15.Lucas  we  have  reached  the  end  of  the  interview  thank  you for  taking  the  time to  fill this  interview   out.Do you   have  any  final  comments for  the  readers?

Thanks for your attention Patrick. We will ensure that we will publish new music soon and play at some gigs. Cheers
from Atavisma !

Band  contact

Label  Contact

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Interview With the band Lycanthropy {Russia/Ukraine} done by Patrick on 7-9-14

Dark  greetings 
Here  is a new  interview  with Lyncanthropy  from Russia/Ukraine  they  play a blackend style of  metal  that  does have  some death metal  influence.Their  newest  cd  "Totekranze"  through  Black  Plague  Records
Their  should be  tons  of  new  Reviews,Interviews  put  up  soon

Interview with Gunner from Lycanthropy done by Patrick. Furious and Oleg. I also respond to a few questions.

1.Greetings  Gunner  when  did  you  first  discover  metal? When  did  you  first  meet  the   other  members  of   Lycanthropy ?How  did  you  all  come  up  with the name
 Lycanthropy   for the band name? 

Hails! As for extreme subgenres, it was Chuck and his Death – the very first band, and then I discovered Morbid Angel and Mayhem. 
Lycanthropy was started by me in early 2007. The title was inspired by  mystic eternity and occult power of the moon. At the beginning it was a one member project.  There were different lineups but the core of today’s Lycanthropy was formed when Furious joined the horde (summer 2010). He also recorded vocals as a session member on “The Right Hand of Darkness” demo (2009). We do know each other for a long while. During autumn 2013 Oleg I. joined the band – new important moment for Lycanthropy. 

2.What  is  the   current   line-up for   Lycanthropy ? For  the   readers  who  have  never  heard   Lycanthropy's  music  how  would  you best  describe  it? 

Furious – vocals
Gunner – guitars, bass
Oleg. I – drums

Our music is extremely brutal and fast. We use very high speed approach – 250, 260, 270 bpm. Different genres are combined in Lycanthropy – black, death, ambient, acoustic and doom elements sometimes. But we always have our own atmosphere and feeling. Sometimes we can do pure black metal and then develop it into the brutal death stuff. With Lycanthropy there is always something new, unpredictable. 

Furious: During all the work on Lycanthropy as a band we tried to make uncompromising, fast & very aggressive staff. So it’s better to describe that Lycanthropy is like a hungry wolf hiding in the trees of the forest in order to hunt down the victim. 

Oleg I: Fast, atmospheric and dark.

 3.The  band  released  the  new  cd  "totenkranze"  throught  Black Plague  Rec. how  did  you  come  in  contact  with  Mike  and Black Plague  Rec.? 

Originally album was released as a 180g Vinyl in Switzerland (Nocebo Records) – it contains the original mixing version. For the American market it was re-released as a CD by Black Plague Records/Metallic Media with a new mix, artwork and different song order. Mike is a nice guy. I wrote him about our album and he was interested to release it. He talked with Tim from Metallic Media (our “Dead Silence” MCD was released there) and they co-released it.

4.How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the  songs  for  the  new cd? Does the whole band   work on  the  music or does  one member  usually  handle  everything?

I am the main composer in Lycanthropy. Music for “Totenkränze”… I think I started to compose in October 2012 and finished in June 2013. As for arrangements – mainly we do them together. Ambient songs for this release were composed by Furious.

5.Who  usually  take's  care  of  the   lyrics?What  are  some  subjects you  all write  about?

It is almost always written by me and Furious. Our themes are: self-development, occult things, misanthropy, werewolves and other mythological beings. Our coming MCD contains a new lyrical subject – World War II. All lyrics for this release were written by Furious and it is really something new for Lycanthropy.

6.How   has  the   response  been   from  the  fans? What  about  the   press?

We are definitely bigger outside Russia, Ukraine. There are a few European countries in which we are very well-known. I don't know about States, but we released two CD's in America: “Dead Silence” and “Totenkränze”. Reviews are quite good, especially on the last album.

7.Does   Lycanthropy    play  "live' very  often or do  you  prefer  the  studio?Who  are  some  bands  you  have  shared  the  stage  with?

I think studio. We shared the stage with different hordes… but not with grands.

8.Have  you  all ever  played  outside  of Russia? If  yes  where are some  places  you all have  played?If  you  could  set up a  dream  show/tour  who  are some bands{past or  present}  you  would   love  to  share  the stage  with? 

No, we have not played outside Russia. We stopped live acts for a moment, but we constantly getting some offers, for example to open for Finntroll and so on. We do have some plans for touring, time will show.

9.What   does Black metal   mean  to  you  all? 

Self-expression, self-development, misanthropy, nihilism ... there are a lot of matching words.

Furious: Freedom of thinking & searches of hidden inside.

Oleg I: Favorite genre

10.Gunner  you handle   the  Guitars  for  the   band   when did  you  first  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars? Are  you  self taught  or did  you  take  lessons when  first  learning?

I was 13 years old. First of all it was learning on the acoustic guitar in a music school. I even do have a diploma. Subsequently I wasn't very interested in playing guitar for a while, next step was electric guitar – it was a turning point.

11.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  guitarist? 

My biggest influences are Nornagest, Trey Azagthoth, Euronymous and Blasphemer, Lord Ahriman, Jon Nödtveidt. It’s extremely difficult to pick my favorite one. 

12.Gunner  you also  play   the  keyboards  for  the   band  when  did you  start  playing  the  keyboard? Who  are  some  of  your  favorite  keyboardist? Do  you  currently  play any  other  instruments?

I think I was 5-6 years old. Piano was my first instrument. I am not a fan of keyboards in Black Metal, so I don’t know who my favorite keyboardist in this genre is. I do play on bass guitar also. Currently all intros and ambient songs are done by Furious. I don’t participate in them; I think such scheme works since 2010. 

13.Gunner  are  you  or any of  the  members of  Lyncanthropy  currently   working  with   side  bands  or solo  projects? If  yes  please   tell  the  readers   about  them?

As far as I know Lycanthropy members don’t have side bands at the moment, at least something serious. Furious was active with Nosce Teipsum (war black metal), but the horde is on a hold. Oleg I. left The Konstellation (Hungarian Death/Black Metal). As for me – I am not a fan of side projects, but maybe someday. 

14.What  is  your  opinion  on  the  Russian  metal  scene?

 There are good and bad bands – like everywhere else, but speaking honestly I am not a big fan of Russian metal bands…. 

15. Are their any new bands you  feel  the   readers  should  check   out?

Furious: Unfortunately, no. Let’s better back to fuck’n 1994-1996, to the times of pure evil…

16.Thank  you  for    taking  the   time   to  fill  out   this  interview.Do  you  all  have  any  final  words    for   the   readers?

Check our brand new MCD "Operation Werewolf". It is going to be available soon on LOWER SILESIAN STRONGHOLD (Poland); first copies will contain free patches as a bonus. 

Furious: Hell awaits bitches!... For all of you!

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