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Interview with Invocation Spells done by Patrick on 11-15-15

Here   is  a  new  interview  done  with  the  Chiliean  black,thrashing  maniacs  in   Invocation Spells.If you  are  a  fan  of  early  black metal  with  thrash  influences then  defintly  give this  band  a  listen  today.

Interview  with  Witchfucker  guitarist  of   Invocation  Spells  done  by   Patrick

1.Hails    Witchfucker   when  did  you  first  get  into  metal  music?Who  were  some  of the  first bands  you   listened  to?


2.When  did  you  first  meet  Obsessor{bass player}  was   it  long  before you  all  formed    Invocation  Spells ?How  did  you  two  decide  on  the  name  Invocation  Spells  for  the  name of  the  band?


3.Invocation  Spells   is  a  two  man  band  have  you  two  discussed  the   possibility  of  adding  more  members to  make  it  a full  band  or do you  prefer  to  work  as  two  piece?


4.Invocation  Spells   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  second  release   "Descendant The  Black  Throne"  through   Hells  Headbangers  Rec.  how  did you  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?


5.How  long  did  it  take  you  guys to  write  the  music  on  the   new  release?Do  you  both  take  part  in the  writing  process  or does  one  member   usually  write  everything?


6.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band.What  are  some  topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?


7.Besides  the  new  release    "Descendant The  Black  Throne"    does  the   band  have   any  other  merchandise   available   for  the  fans?If  yes  where can  the fans  buy  it?


8.Invocation  Spells   comes  out  of  the  mighty  scene in  Chile   what  is  your   opinion  of  the  scene  in  Chile?

The scene in our country is passing through a really good moment, now you can find good bands, people is interesting in supporting us buying band's merchandising and going to the concerts. 

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Chilean  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers should  check  out  soon?

Representative bands of the old escene are pentagram, necrosis and atomic agressor. Meanwhile in the new ones you can find good representatives like disaster, hellraider, dekapited, dementors and orion, they are colossal bands of the black storm.

10. Witchfucker   you  take  care  of the  guitars  in  the  band  when did you first become  interested  in   playing the  guitars?Are you  self taught  or  did you take some  lessons  when  first  starting  out?


11.Who  are  some of your  influences/favorite  guitarists?Besides  the  guitars  do  you  currently  play  any  other   instruments?


12.Besides   Invocation  Spells   are  either  of  you   working  with  any  other  bands  at  this  time?If  yes  please  tell  the  readers  about  them.


13.In your   opinion  what  is the  best  and worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene today?And  what  does  underground  metal  mean  to you?


14.Besides  writing  and  playing  music  what  do  you  enhoy  doing  in your  free  time?


15.Thank  you    Witchfucker  for  taking the  time  to  fill  out  this   interview.Do you   have  any  final words  for  the  readers?


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New metal reviews done by Patrick on 11-9-15

Hello   Metal   fiends  of  the  underground    hope  your  week  is   starting  off  good?  Here  is  a  new  batch  of  Reviews   hopefully  you  will  find  something to  your   liking  and  buy  it!!  
   I  should  hopefully  have   some  new  reviews  and  interviews  up  soon so  keep  watching  the  site.

Extermination  Angel--Extermination  Angel Demo {Self-Titled}
Coming  out  of the  Baltimore's  black,death  metal scene  is  Extermination  Angel.Mixing  fast  guitar  riffs  with  some very  well written  guitar  patterns.The d rumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  crazed  drum  patterns but  the drumming  is  not  all over the top  speed sessions  their  are   moments  with some  mid paced  heavier  sections before  picking  up  the  pace  once  again.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of   gruff death metal growls  and  some  black  metal  screams  entertwined.If  you  are  a  fan  of the  mid  nineties black,death  metal  scene then  this  is  a band  you   will  defintly  want to check  out  soon.
                                                        Band   Contact

Nuclear--Formula  For   Anarchy    cd   {Candlelight  Rec.}
This  is  my  first  encounter  with  Chile's  Nuclear   who   play  a  very  aggressive early  eighties  thrash  metal  style  and  do  it  with  great  skill and  experience.The  guitarist  plays  at  a  lightning  hyper speed  with  some  very  well  written  and  played  guitar  patterns and  some  well  done  solo's  mixed  in  a  few  songs.The  drums  are  well done  with  a lot  of   crazed and  fast  drum  patterns.Vocally  the  band  uses the  screaming  and  some  hollering  similar  to  early  tom Araya.If  you  enjoy  well done and  played  thrash  metal  then  this  is  a   band  for  you to  check  out  today.
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Praise  The Flame--Manifest  Rebellion   cd   {Memento   Mori  Rec.}
 Chile's   Praise  The Flame have  released  their  debut  cd  Manifest  Rebellion    featuring  nine  songs  of  aggressive and  hateful  old-school death  metal  with  a  good  dose  of  thrashy  guitars  entertwined  in the  mix.The  guitars  as  mentioned  are  played  at  maximum  speed with  some  solo's  mixed  in  a  few  of  the  songs.The  drums  are  done  with  a lot  of  power  and  skillful  playing  but  the  drummer d oes  cut loose  with some  outbursts  of  fast drumming.If  you  enjoy  S.A  old-school thrashing death  then  do  yourself  a  favor  and  pick  this  up  today.
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Trench Warfare--Perversion Warfare  demo  {Self-Released}
Trench Warfare  comes  out  of  the  mighty  Texas blackend death  scene.Combing  heavy and  pounding  drums  that  go  from  a  mid tempo  style  to  an  all out  assult  of  fast  drum  beats that  are  full of  aggression.But  the  drummer  does a  great  job  of   mixing  in both  fast  and  a  more  controlled  mid-tempo style  with  a lot  of  talent  and  skill.Guitars  are  played  in the  same  vein  with  some  outburst  of furious  guitar  riffs  and  some  more  mid paced  riffs.The  vocals  are  mainly  death  metal  growls  with  a  few  sections of  screams entertwined  within the music.Trench Warfare   is  a  good  band  if you  are  into  chaotic  blackend  death  metal  then this  is a  band  and  release  you  will  not  want  to   miss  out  on.
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Vingulmork--Chiaroscuro  cd and  LP  {Crime  Rec.}
Norway's  Vingulmork   have  released  their  debut release  through  Crime Rec.Mixing  violent,fast  thrash  metal together  with  some   old-school  black metal  influences.The  music  is  a  nice  mix  of  some  fast  thrashy blackend  metal  but  the  guitarist   knows  how  to  take  it  down to  a  more  mid-paced  speed with  some  really  well played  guitar  chords.The  drumming  is  in the same vein  with  some  crazed,fast   patterns  but  also   slows to  a  more  controlled  pace.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of thrashy  screams  and  some  whispering type  of  vocal  patterns.If you  are  a  fan  of  blackend thrash  metal  then  Vingulmork are  a  band  you   should   look  out  for.
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Interview with Visionz of Ancient Visionz, Darth Jedi Metal Show & The Wastelands radio shows, & Planet X Records done on 11-1-15‏

Here  is  a  new   interview  with  my  good  friend  Gaz  who  does two  radio-shows  on  Brutal  Existence Radio the  one  on  Mondays  is   mainly  Metal  styles  and the  other  one  Sat.  is  a  punk/h.c  with  some  metal  thrown in.Just  read the   interview  and  send  Gaz a  email  if you  are   interested in  being  played  on his  show.

Interview  with Visionz of Ancient Visionz, Darth Jedi Metal Show & The Wastelands radio shows, & Planet X Records  done by  Patrick  

1.Hello  Gaz   how   is  life  going  in  the  U.K?  please  introduce  yourself  to   the  readers?

Hey Pat. Its going good man. I remember answering this interview way back last yr, but things got so crazy with the label, projects, and shows that I had to put it on hold. I was really hyper too as I'd just watched the Winter X Games, which is just rad, and man Summer X Games starts in Austin, Texas in 5 days so I'm stoked & hyper again! Safe! lol Since I last looked at this I've watched the Summer X Games, which had the same effect lol.

 LOL also things changed again since last answering the interview so I guess I can say the new NBA season has just started, which is boss.

For the readers I'm into music, movies, and I guess add in some geek culture & ya that's it man.

Since I last looked at the interview lol Ungovernable Resistance and the name Resistance are now no more. I closed both the site and email address last week. It wasn't an easy decision, but the right one. I'd grown uncomfortable with particular elements latching on to the site/show that were using the name to mean something else. Despite my efforts to change the lay out of the site and take the shows in a new direction i.e. not name them Ungovernable Resistance, it did not seem to get the point across to those people man.

The blatant mission statement kinda said that the site and name were just the title of a radio show. That is all UR ever was man. It was just the name of a punk/hc radio show lol, which later expanded into other areas of music and interests such as movies etc. So I wanted to move forward and use a name which was more inclusive for people so it didn't lead to any misinterpretations or attract overly elitist music fans that get very over zealous with people. I don't like that kind of behavior.

So the new name and site are called Ancient Visionz, which cannot be taken to mean anything else, and can represent any music. Punk, Metal, Hip Hop, Geekdom, sci fi, & movies. They are all there with that name and something I'm more comfortable with. Its much more welcoming. My radio shows remain, but there is no reference too or the name Ungovernable Resistance. The site and name are no more. I now go as Visionz and Ancient Visionz.

The new site is here

Email contact:

2.Gaz   I  have  known  you  for  many  years  now  and  must say  you  are  one of the   most  open-minded   music  fans  I  know   have  you  always  been  open  to  new  bands/genres?  Who  were some  of  your  favorite  bands/artists  growing  up?  Who  are  some  of  your  current  favorites?

Yo thx man, but I did get in a bad mindset when i first got into death metal and thought it was the law and nothing else was real. I wish I'd had the experience I have now when first doing radio shows when I got into that scene, but I moved forward and got back to 'me'. I grew up on nu metal stuff mainly and I still like some of the bands to this day even though I know some suck, but I wouldn't have discovered metal if not for the likes of Chimaira, Lamb of God, and so on. My mom used to play mo town, blues, rock, metal, folk music, and stuff such as that so I was around many different styles so I was encouraged to be open and explore/discover various sounds. I also think that when ya involved in various scenes outside of punk & metal, and getting away from bad elements it helps open you up man. I'm fortunate I've learned this and not stay on the path like I see with some people who could be my Dad, Uncle or whatever calling people posers & stuff. Its stupid behavior and pretty dumb tbh.

Metal led to punk/hc, and from punk/hc I discovered underground hip hop. Those 3 scenes are what I listen to the most, but I do like other music and will be open to most things. There is only one genre of music that I cannot abide man, and the funny thing is I've heard many people say this in metal, punk, & hip hop, and its country music. Ughhh ughh ughhh is all I have to say so moving on lol.

I just love music and there is so much out there for us to enjoy from all kinds of music, which is kinda funny when i just stated my feelings on country lol, but there is. Music, movies, & nerd stuff are what I'm passionate about Pat so I always enjoy learning and discovering new stuff. I think it helps us stay open and be far more rounded as people. Its boring if you only like one scene or just have that to talk about. Its always cool to have a variety of interests and the same with music & our friends.

Current favorite: LOL this as its about coffee tables and hilarious. "Come be my coffee table & I'll be your sofa".
Also Ritual Control (hc) & a boss crust/hc punk band called Propaganda Del Odio from Chile. 

Ok man I'll try a random list, but there are just so many. The only bad about liking so much stuff from all scenes is you can fall behind man as you don't just follow one scene, but here you go dude until I feel lazy:

Auld Corn Brigade (celtic punk), Kilmaine Saints (celtic punk), The Mahones (celtic punk), Foreseen (crossover), Germ Bomb (metal punk, crossover), Nuclear Death Terror (kang/crust/d-beat), driller killer (kang/crust/metal punk), hellshock (crust), killbite (crust), per capita (stench), Auralskit (d-beat), Insidious Process (d-beat/crust), deadly reign (crust), pure disgust (hc punk), all out war (metallic hc/nyhc), permanent ruin (hc/hc punk), naysayer (nyhc), all for nothing (hc), harm done (hc), RAD(US) (hc), raw justice (HC),  rude awakening (hc), spine (hc), the rival mob (hc), to the point (hc), violent reaction (hc), enabler (metallic hc), knuckledust (hc/hc punk/london hc), drug control (hc), disxease (hc), desperate measures (hc), mindset (hc), truth (hc), power is poison (punk), kicker (punk), kansalatelletomattus (punk), afgrund (crust grind). I like most stuff from punk/hc genres man so everything from hc, punk, d-beat, grind, crust, pv/fastcore, crossover, stench, & so on man.

Jungle Rot. I like these guys a lot. Kinda got a punk edge to them in lyrics/feel and I like the way they continue forward. Fu Man Chu who are an awesome band. I really enjoy them. Timeworn (members from various crust punk bands), but they kinda do a post apoc dark metalish vibe. Its different so it draws me in. Very good music that belongs in a futuristic sci fi movie with cyborgs roaming around. Ade (awesome romano dm, fans of all things ancient will enjoy them & its different to the usual themes.

killah priest (underground hip hop), caxton press (underground hip hop), sick since (underground hip hop), si-klon (meso american & mayan themed underground hip hop), canibus (uderground hip hop),  dr creep (underground hip hop), & so so many more man.

I get very geeky for anything themed on futuristic sci fi themes, post apoc, but the fallout/mad max kinda stuff.  I'm open to giving most stuff a try or exploring it, and discovering the ug as every music has an ug. I even like some of the mainstream bands, but i'm picky with which.

I mostly listen to punk/hc, underground hip hop,  metal, and some reggae, but I'm passionate about music as a whole, and its a pity that popular music is drowning in way too much reality tv garbage from these wack shows so the few genuine good artists/bands that make it through can be forgotten about. The singers man can't hit the high notes or just wail or repeat a deep voiced ohhhh ohhh chorus. Its pretty much bar singers on tv at best with a coliseum of idiots cheering the destruction of famous songs lol. 

You know what i'd like to see on tv man is when these manufactured puppets come into a tv studio to promote their latest album, and are greeted by the excited host (sarcastically said), and he/she then says 'oh ty for coming in. On the way to work this morning I was listening to ya album in the car'. The wack singer then replies with "oh really what did u think?". Usually the tv host then proceeds to say how awesome the album is and its the best thing they heard since last Tuesday or whatever. LOL man can u imagine mr or ms tv dude/dudette then replies with "its crap I threw it out the car window, and now I'm going for coffee, commercials plz".
3. What  got  you    interested  in  doing  a radio show?

I wanted to help the music man and share my passion for it with other people, but also try to be entertaining for people. I'm a silly excitable person lol.
4. Would  you   have  any   advice  for   someone  who  is  thinking  of  trying  their   hand  at  being  a  D.J? 

Yeah man for sure. Think of what is your favorite genre of music or if its more than one genre can you mix them together? It doesn't have to be metal or punk as there is an underground in all forms of music. Plan an idea of what you want to do with a show, and how it will represent the music and you. For example you may wish to do a mixed variety of unsigned music from hip hop, metal to reggae or a movie chat show or sports & metal, and so on. Once you have this nailed then its a name for ya show & my advice is try to be different than the usual extreme mosh names.

Then start searching for a station, but take ya time and explore what is available. There are enough options so its important to make the right decision, and join a team where they have the right principles, ethics, morals, and aren't just doing it for popularity & egos. There is a certain level of trial and error you learn over time & I've made some stupid decisions, and like all of us wish I could have done some things different man, but the real person learns from it man, and helps others not make the same mistakes.

 Enjoy it and be prepared to devote the necessary time as you will learn to multi task very quickly, especially if you are in more than one scene where it never stops lol. Try not to take on too much and get burnt out, which I've done many times. Its easier said than done as its a passion, but I guess just try to balance everything would be the best solution.

Be ya self and evolve, adapt when you need too and keep going. Have fun and surround you're self with the right people. 1 love.
5 What  styles   of  music  do  you   play  on  your   shows?   Where  can  labels,bands  send  you   music  to  play? Oh man its very vast and the 2 music shows I do are very different. The Monday metal show is themed around my love of SW and I'm a boss geek (yes I took my boss nerd exams to reach the status of supreme bosso nerdo). However, the Darth Jedi Metal show also has a strong promo feel to it as I play many new promos and bands for the audience on the station, but I know I'm helping people with both bringing in new music and turning people on to bands so its a very rewarding show.  Its not a show that is for my own personal taste, but more about helping bands. I don't really talk much on this show as there is so much to play so I mainly stream very long sets.

The Darth Jedi (lols) edition features: DM, Doom, Desert Rock, Thrash, Brutal DM, Slam, Old School DM, Blackened DM,  melo death, tech/prog & oriental DM, Death Thrash, Speed, some Sludge, sometimes Blues, Traditional Metal, and even stuff such as Viking/Folk metal, and dude if it works for the station I'll play it.

I feature some bands/music I don't like, but this show is known for focusing more on promos. I stress it doesn't matter whether I enjoy all the music as its about opening people up to an array of styles. I play and have played all of the above. As I said man its extremely rewarding as I know some people listen just to see what's going to be played or what new promos I've been sent for that week. It kinda developed into this all by itself. It airs every Monday 1pm-5pm Eastern (US) on Brutal Existence Radio, and I do want to thank the many promotion companies and bands that email me every week with new material to play. Its highly appreciated.  

If anyone wants to be featured just email
The other show I do I'll talk about it in the next question man.
6.Besides  your  metal  show   you  are  going  to  move  your  punk,grind  show  to  BER when  will  this  be  happening? Lol as its been a while since I looked at the interview the punk show moved some time ago. Its the original edition and longest running show from my former Ungovernable Resistance site, but there have been several changes and evolutions recently so its not just raging grindcore, which you know I love along with hardcore. I'd prob say it moved maybe 2yrs ago, and its centralized all my music shows in one place so it made much more sense, and is less confusing for people & myself! lol.

I tried a 'Stressed Out' theme for the show not long after it had moved, and this is because I'm a silly person & enjoy well being 'silly'. It was kinda think of a stressed out office dude screaming or something and raging at his desk popping blood vessels everywhere so it was angry hc punk/hc, and grind with a shouty silly person. It didn't quite work so I took some time to think of well how I can adapt and evolve the punk show again so it can progress?

This is something I always do with shows when necessary. If I need to change/adapt/evolve them then I will. I looked at my audience, my own interests in things (not just music) & came up with an idea for a show themed around a post apocalyptic future influenced by Fallout, Mad Max, and Judge Dredd. All post apoc movies/games/comics tbh lol. I can honestly say its the best idea I've had and its my favorite show. The show is called 'The Wastelands', which yes is an obvious and very common factor in anything post apoc, but its very different to the Darth Jedi show. Ya some of the same music can be on the show such as DM, but its a got whole feel of its own. I host the show as 'The Wanderer' who travels the wastes upon the cursed earth so the character is based upon someone of that description. I present stories and adventures from the wastes with mosh lol. Ya man in my element as a geek with this show as I stream from various undisclosed locations throughout the wastelands.

Ok enough nerding & on to what music is featured. Its a hybrid show fusing punk & metal together, which goes with the evolution of the former & now defunct UR punk/hc edition into 'The Wastelands'.  I play Crust, HC Punk, DM, Thrash, Brutal DM, Crossover, HC, NYHC, Metallic HC, Anarcho Punk, Grindcore, Crust Grind, Grind Violence, PV/Fastcore, Slam, Old School DM, Sludge (if its fast paced with boss riffage), D-Beat, Beatdown HC, Folk/Celtic Punk, Speed Metal, Metal Punk, Traditional Heavy Metal (Motorhead/NWOBHM influenced), Stench, and punk.
7.Besides  your  two  musical  shows  you  and your  co-host V.X  do  a  Sunday  talk  show  through  PXR  radio   when  did  this  come  to  be?Its been around for a few yrs and it started by accident with VX co hosting random editions of the former UR show with me where we played ug hip hop, punk, and metal, but would discuss movies, history, and general things that were happening in the world.

 We then developed PX Radio as we call it to do more of the same, but also provide updates and news on what was happening with our label Planet X Records. We would chat about new releases, forth coming tracks/albums and the concepts behind them etc, which is an important aspect with underground hip hop. Later we started to interview guests from film and music, but the emphasis is now concentrating much more on film and areas of interest than music. I talk about this more in one of the questions below. Atm the show is in its off season and we are currently working out some tech issues before the new season returns. 

8. it is  a  show  that  features  not only  musical  bands and  labels  but  also   independent   movie  actors,actresses  and  directors etc..  Who   have  been  some  of your  favorite  guests  over the  last  few  years?

Incredibly difficult to answer. In no particular order it would be: John Hyams (director of universal soldier 3 & 4, Z Nation), Loren (Average Superstar Films), Sick Since (UG Hip Hop), Presto (UG Hip Hop), M-Eighty (UG Hip Hop), War Wraiths (American Civil War documentary movie), Temple of Void (death/doom), Septekh (death/thrash), John Barber (rip brother, drummer from Triangle Fire), and man there are many more.  We always try to get guests to chat about other interests too so its not the usual interview as it can get boring for both hosts and artists so its cool to discuss movies, history etc. We've had bands on and chatted about movies for 3 hrs lol or a particular period in history, and they are very popular shows. This is probably due to the fact its reminding people that we are all the same and have more in common than we realize.
9.I  know  the  new  season   has  begun  but  are  you  all  looking for  new  guests  to  come  on the  show?  where  can  people  who  might  want  to  get  on the  show  get  in  contact  with you  guys?

Umm the season kinda started and finished since I last looked at this lol. But season 9 or 10 will start soon when some tech issues are worked out, but we've had new albums to focus on as many of the guys released new music as we are a label and not just a chat radio show.  They can email me @, but we are drastically reducing the music guests to focus on movies, history, the paranormal, which are usually more popular shows.

. PXR has moved more into the indie film scene so our focus is going to be much more on movies and those areas mentioned
10.Gaz   I know  you  are  also  a   huge  movie  buff  as  well as  music.  When  did you get  into  movies?  What  are  some  of your    all-time  favorite  movies  of   all-time?  Do  you   have  a specific  genre  you  like  the  most  or doo you  watch   a  variety  ?Yo man I'm a huge geek. Seriously. Movies are my next passion outside of music so I go to see as many movies as I can. I also watch both mainstream and independent film & its a scene I'm greatly interested in man. I've probably seen every movie release this yr so far lol, and there aren't many wack sci fi channel movies I haven't watched lol. We have a channel here called the 'horror channel', which does show some some safe independent movies too. I'm going to recommend one called 'Orc Wars', which is hilarious. Its got a dude fighting orcs, a demoness, and a dragon with modern day weaponry lol.

I read/watch film reviews and just love to know whats happening in movies. The movie theater is special man as its escapism from all the evil that goes on in this world, and if it ever vanished people would miss it man. Its just not the same watching a movie on a small screen & ok we can open another interview alone on theater prices, but people are happy to spend so much on getting drunk & falling on the floor whilst vomiting so I want to watch a movie how it should be viewed. But, I do recognize and agree that the pricing needs to be more balanced so it can get people going again. I also think the same applies to live shows, and especially festivals who are so greedy man.

Yeah I do have 2 particular favorite genres which are sci fi and post apocalyptic. Those genres have always fascinated me and I'm stoked about Fallout 4 coming soon, which is a post apoc action/rpg game, which will be one of my faves. I do like some movies set in the ancient past and action movies, but I'm generally open to watch anything as long as they aren't butt wack horror movies such as The Visit & Unfriended etc. As already mentioned or probably somewhere I've seen every movie release so far more or less lol, and I'll watch a variety outside of my preferences man. I kinda have the same attitude with movies as I do with music, which is to be open outside of my comfort zone so I'll give most stuff a try man.

Favorite movies of all time? Force Awakens, Rogue One, Episode 8, Episode 9. I really hope so lol. Man this is tough. So many man both major and indie. There are just too many Pat. I watch so many movies its insane lol. Although so far from recent releases I'd say Fast and Furious 7 for the stunts alone, then Mad Max Beyond Fury Road as that was just such a rad movie, especially when you read about the scale of the crew involved, and the stunt sequences they filmed for the movie. A labor of work, which really delivered. The Revenant due for release soon looks safe. 

I was raised on movies man and something I've just always liked along with music so I guess that's it man. I want to send a shout to my buddy Loren at Average Superstar Films who are currently filming a new movie called Dark Military, which they are all working hard on atm. For people in the punk/hc scene peep Loren's documentary on Pennsylvania Hardcore from its inception to present day. There are some awesome interviews featured and Randy from Lamb of God also makes an appearance, which is interesting as they came from the hc scene and were very influenced by the music. They are a very famous and mainstream band, but they are kinda one of those bands that bridge the gap between mainstream and underground.

Ron Perlman is a good example of someone that does major movies, but also still actively supports the independent film community, and takes roles in independent films too. Its a good way of bridging the scenes, but also saying hey you can remain grounded and do things the right way.

Oh & in random news Pat I was just saying to a friend could you imagine some muscle man in a movie theater taking up 7 rows as he's a lil wide and during the movie a mini robot pops up from the row in front of him with a grin on its face saying to him "its garbage" then he just vanishes.

  LOL Hey Pat I could have said I'm a sci fi nerd so guess. That would cover it lol.
11.Who   are  some  of  your   favorite  actors  and  actresses?

This is a good question man & a tough one.  I guess man it would be Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman. Other actors who are consistent: Charlize Theron has turned in some rad performances, and is a candidate for one of the best actresses around atm. I thought she was the more interesting character in Mad Max Beyond Fury Road, which is one of the best releases of 2015.

Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender (Assassins Creed movie currently filming), Ron Perlman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, Karl Urban, Charlize Theron has played some good roles, and there are many more. Atm we do have an influx of wack in Hollywood, but there is a quite a solid list we could come up with. The problem is an over saturation of reboots and remakes. Some are rad and I support, but others are meh. Marvel needs to start to deliver on some of its movies or people will grow tired of super heroes so we need to stream line them just a lil and focus on delivering more quality, and not polished bottles of turds. Whilst on that subject one of the winners of turd of the year has to be Terminator Genesys. Butt, total butt. Butt, butt, butt, & butt. Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome though.
12.When  not working on  the  next  show  or  watching  movies   what  do  you   enjoy  doing  in  your   spare  time?

 Yo I like to watch soccer/basketball, extreme sports such as snowboarding & the X Games, and TNA wrestling, but sadly its become butt. There are a few teams I support and follow such as Arsenal, Boston Celtics, US Men's national soccer team, Washington Capitals. I read all the latest news on movies, sci fi series, and also like to watch documentaries on underground music especially music that originates from the streets, but also enjoy solid shows/series that aren't some manufactured reality tv garbage or people trying to hit high notes whilst they destroy famous songs on wack pop contests. As I'm a geek I watch sci fi shows and movies whenever I can, & as you know ya self I enjoy discussing them with friends both on & offline. At the label we are all big movie fans so its a constant topic with us all.

2015 and 2016 are set to become the biggest yrs for movie releases, and its a good time to be a geek if I hadn't mentioned that earlier. Captain America Civil War in 2016, which should be better than the Lamevengers Age of Buttron, which was the disappointment of the summer. Such a butt movie. Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens, which oh man its time for the force! I generally like to support the film community both major and independent as it something I'm passionate about outside of music, and I do what I can to help. For fellow geeks peep the Flash TV show, which is probably the best comic book TV show there is atm.
13.Thanks  a   million  gaz  for   taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview    out. Do  you    have  any  final  comments  for  the   readers?I'd like to say ty for reading and ty to you Pat for the interview & what you do to help music man. If I can help anyone or your interested in the music I play on the shows or would like to discuss movies on our chat show then yw to get in touch. Don't forget SW episode 7 The Force Awakens is out soon. Thanks and peace to all the bands, pr companies, people from all scenes that help me with what I do and support me. 1 love. 1.

Also just to remind the readers that my new site & email are: &
My 2 music shows are The Wastelands (punk/metal) Saturday's @ 2pm-6pm Eastern (US) & Darth Jedi Metal Show 1pm-5pm Eastern (US). Both are live on Brutal Existence Radio with many other shows.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Interview with Raul owner of Memento Mori done by Patrick on 10-22-15

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  Raul  owner  of the  great   metal  label   "Memento  Mori"  that  specializes   in  releasing  obscure   death and some  old-school doom  cd's  and  also  re-releasing  some  obscure  out of  print  early releases  from  various  bands  around the  world  so defintly  give  this  a read  and  check  out   this  awesome  label today

Interview   with  Raul   owner  of  Memento Mori  Productions   done  by   Patrick

1. Hello Raúl, thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Please introduce yourself to the readers...

Hey there, Patrick. Thanks for this chance to talk about Memento Mori a bit. My name's Raúl, I'm a handsome 43 year-old man with a grey-ish beard and cool tattoos, and I run a humble underground label/mailorder called Memento Mori along with my partner, Marian, who takes care of everything logistics, and the invaluable aid of our four kitties. I used to growl for a couple of bands in the far past, but it's been so long since those days that it feels like it was somebody else's life instead of my own life, haha.

2. When did you first discover Metal music? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favourites?

My father used to play this "best of" type of tape on the car's stereo that featured lots of songs and it was a few of them by bands such as Kiss, The Ramones, AC/DC and Status Quo that I liked the most. Back then I was some 9-10 years old and I had never heard about terms like Heavy Metal, Hard-Rock or Punk-Rock, so I guess it was not until a year later that I properly learnt about Heavy Metal as a music genre, via other bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Accept, Tokyo Blade, Helix, Venom, Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest and tons more. As for favourite bands, I don't feel like I'm loyal to any single band. I'm not the kind of music fan that becomes a blind follower of a band's entire body of work. It's especifical albums that I'm a diehard fan of. Most times it's only about the first few albums of a band that I really dig and don't really give a damn about the rest of their discography for whatever reason.

3. When did you decide to start the label Memento Mori? How did you come up with the name for the label?

It all started like a mere mailorder back in early 2010, but it was such an easy and boring thing to do that I decided to raise the ante and mutate it onto a label / mailorder shortly after. Complication is a beautiful thing, I guess. The name for the label came up naturally as one of my life's motto is the old Latin saying that goes "carpe diem, memento mori". "Carpe diem" didn't sound Death Metal enough, so I went for the second part of the saying: "remember you're gonna die". Now that's definitely Death Metal, aye? Also, it's pretty suitable for a label that especializes in that thing they call "old school Death Metal", you know, slow/mid paced heavy Death Metal with the ocassional fast part and a rotting atmosphere. That's the kind of stuff that I grew and fell in love with 25+ years ago.

4. Raúl, do you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking of starting their own label? What do you look for when signing and releasing a band?

The only legit advice that I could offer is, whatever you do, do it well. I mean, passion is not enough as there's plenty of 3rd parties that might eventually get affected by your endeavours. Yes, throw all your heart into it, but do throw in your brain as well. You don't need to be a professional to act like one, and responsibility is something that should always be an essential part of your modus operandi. Other than that, good luck!
What I look for when signing a band... The main factor is, the bands must be into the old-flavoured brand of extreme Metal (most especially Death Metal, Doom Metal and anything in between) that I grew up with. I tolerate a wee bit of technicality and/or experimentation thrown in for good measure, but riffs must prevail and the songs must have a soul. Otherwise I'm not interested. I tend to be extremely conservative regarding the kind of extreme music that I like and release. Not really interested in shreds, wanking fests and a zillion notes/odd tempo signatures per minute. I leave all that fuzz for those that actually regard music as a science. I for one regard music as a vehicle for emotions: count me out if it doesn't touch me, whether it's Metal or any other music genre. Other than that, I want to work with humble, down to earth people whose goal is far from becoming the new underground hype.

5. Do you run/work on the label by yourself or do you have some friends who help you out?

It's me and Marian, as stated above. Besides her, I usually rely on a couple of friends when it comes to taking care of graphic stuff such as flyers / ads / layout because I'm a computer caveman that can hardly use Microsoft Paint, hehe.

6. What styles of Metal do you release? Are you currently looking for new bands to sign and release or is Memento Mori's roster filled up for now?

This question was partially answered above, but I may add that I wouldn't mind putting out a full-on Thrash Metal album. I could do that any day given if/when I find a band that would really grab me by the balls. In fact I already found a couple of bands whose music I really dig, but they both had a release deal with some other label, so nothing happened in the end.
I'm always on the hunt for new, up and coming bands to support via Memento Mori. But the handicap is timing because I like to plan the releases way ahead of time. This is the reason why it didn't work out with some bands, as they needed an immediate, or relatively fast, release but I just couldn't offer them such thing. Our schedule is usually busy about a year in advance. Right now, our 2016 schedule is full and I just started planning the 2017 releases.

7. What are your current releases? Are there any new releases that the Metal fans should watch out for?

We've put out 43 releases so far. And it'll be 46 of them by the time this interview is published. The most recent ones are the repress of the BURIAL - Relinquished Souls reissue CD, the COFFINCRAFT - In Eerie Slumber CD and the PRAISE THE FLAME - Manifest Rebellion CD. October 31st is the release date for our next three releases: ALDEBARAN - …From Forgotten Tombs I & II CD, DEMENTIA 13 - Ways of Enclosure CD and ABYSSUS - Into the Abyss CD. You can learn about all those releases by taking a look at www.memento-mori.esRegarding the future, we've already gone public about some of the 2016 releases, such as an especial repress of the DELIRIUM - Zzooouhh CD (this time as a 2CD featuring demos and a full 1991 show) that we put out back in 2011, a demos compilation CD of the old Dutch band PYATHROSIS, and the debut full-length CD's from very promising bands like THE FOG (Germany), GORGOSAUR (Sweden), TORTURE RACK (U.S.A.), CARNAL TOMB (Germany) and KURNUGIA (U.S.A.). There's more releases to be announced, so stay tuned

8. Besides current bands you have re-released some classic releases from various underground bands. When did you get the idea to do this? If you had the chance, are there any older bands and releases you would like to release soon?

I always thought it's good to remember the past and give people the chance to own and enjoy a physical copy of something that was released many years ago without spending obscene amounts of cash for a 2nd hand 1st press copy. That's why I thought of putting out some reissues from the very beginning. However, I do believe that the whole thing's getting out of hand in recent times. Reissues are flooding the market, including stuff that doesn't really deserve the reissue treatment in my humble opinion, and there's tons of people out there that only purchase reissues just because it's old stuff that you "must" own and collect, stuff that they never heard of (even most of us, veterans, didn't before the internet era) but they feel like they "have to" have it because, well, because it's old and therefore so damn great, you know. That's something that leaves little room for new bands and current releases to get the attention and support that I think they deserve. Soon there'll barely be any more worthy old stuff to undig. And then what? I do believe it's healthier for us all to support current bands so we can perpetuate this underground thing. And it must be done now instead of waiting for the day most of them will become "hideous gems that need a reissue" in 20 years time. Thus said, yeah, there's a few old releases/recordings that I'd like to reissue. But that's not my #1 priority even though I'm well aware of the fact that they'd sell much better than a current release. I'm more focused on pushing new acts no matter what.

9. Raúl, you live in the great country of Spain. What is your opinion of Spain's Metal scene?
As far as I'm concerned, the current Spanish scene is packed with great bands. They're better musicians, they're more focused and they can certainly display pretty much the same rotten feeling than the bands we had in the past did. I'll definitely keep on pushing and supporting as many of them as I can through Memento Mori. Other than that, we suffer from the same bullshit that you may find in almost any other part of the world: big-mouthed people that claim to be supportive when in fact they support nothing, trendies, liars, scammers, egomaniac imbeciles, stupid internet warriors of all kind, people that spend large sums of cash on pretty t-shirts to show off instead of spending it on gigs or music... Same shit, different country. Also, most proactive people are around or over 40 years old and you can't really foresee a generational relief. Not sure what the future holds for us. We'll see.

10. Who are some of your all-time favourite bands from Spain? Are there any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

Some of my all-time favourite bands from Spain don't even belong in the Metal scene, so excluding those (I don't think it'd be of any interest for your readers to name drop them), I'd definitely say Barón Rojo is my favourite Spanish band ever. Also Leño and the early albums by Barricada, if we expand the range a bit and include Rock / Hard-Rock bands as well. And of course some underground extreme Metal bands too, be them old (Obscure, In Torment, Suffocation / Intoxication, Feretrum, Human Waste, Gutural...) or current (Ataraxy, Oniricous, Bokluk, Graveyard, Decapitated Christ, Mass Burial and projects such as Necroven and Deprive).

11. In your opinion, what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene, and what does underground Metal mean to you?
To me, underground (extreme) Metal is more about a modus operandi, the way you do things and why you do them, more than it is just about music. Music is of course relevant, but there must be something else to it in order to be properly called underground or else it'd become just another product to be marketed. The best thing about the underground scene is to get in touch with other people whose passion for this tiny world of ours is the same that I feel. The worst thing is, regardless how especial some people might feel just because they listen to underground music, any underground scene is a mere reflection of society / mankind. That simple sentence should say a lot.

12. Well Raúl, we have reached the end of the interview. Do you have any final words for the readers?
First, I'd like to thank you again for this interview. I hope it was worth the wait, mate. And to the readers, feel free to visit www.memento-mories (and/or go like if you want to be updated on our activities as a label and mailorder. Alternatively, you can also send e-mail to and request to be added to our mailing list. Cheers to all. In Death, In Doom...

                                                           Label   Contacts

Interview with the Philippines thrashers PaganFire done by Patrick on 10-22-15

Metal   Hails
Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  Phillippines  old-school  thrashers   PaganFire  who  has released  a lot  of demo's,E.P's  and  one  full-length to date.If you  are  interested to find  out  more  about  the  band  and   Phillippines  metal  scene take  a few  minutes  and read this  great  interview.

Interview  with  Nonoy  vocalist  and  guitarist  for  PaganFire   done  by   Patrick

1.Hails  Nonoy  when  did  you  first  get   into  metal  music? Who  were some  of the  early bands you   listened to?Who  are  some  of your  current  favorites?

  N: I heard metal via my older brother’s dub tapes of Anthrax, Ramones and Metallica when I was 8, I rediscovered it when I was 11, alongside with bands like Beatles, Queen, Guns and Roses and other popular stuff at that time, then in ’93 I met our drummer Jay and he had tapes of other bands that I never knew, like Sacred Reich, Danzig, Slayer, Sodom, D.R.I. among others, and from there as we always say, the search for heaviest, fastet and nastiest band on the planet never ceased!!

2. PaganFire  formed  in  2003  what  gave you  the   idea  to  start  this  band?How  did  you  choose  the  name  PaganFire  for  the  GROUP? 

N : Me and Jay, have been rehearsing since 1999, in a Slayer, Sodom cover band that after key line up changes was renamed PAGANFIRE, our 1st bass/vocals Dennis thought of the name in ’01, and we have used it ever since.

3.What  is  the   current  line up  of  the  band?How  do you  feel  PaganFire's  music  has  changed  over  the  years?Who  are  some the  bands  biggest  influences?

N: PAGANFIRE is Jay – drums, Nonoy – axe, Vro – bass/vocals and M.A. – axe, we have been together for quite a while and I think this is the most potent line up we ever had, the music is still thrash metal that is meant to melt people’s faces, since day 1! Nothing much has changed, if any perhaps our new gears, and other hardware, as far as I am concerned the evolution is naturally metal, no trends, no sugarcoated crap, just pure underground d.i.y. thrash metal!!

4.PaganFire's  debut  full-length  "Wreaking Fear  And Death" was released  in  2013  how  long  did it  take the  band to  write  and record the  music  for the debut?

N:  it took us a couple of years to finish the entire eight songs, most of it was due to a key line up change happening in ’06, and when we thought about going on as a trio or getting a new axeman, some songs on the album have already been sitting around for years, and yes there were freshly penned anthems on it too, overall we can say that it was worth the wait, so play it loud!!

5.Who   usually  writes the   lyrics  for the  band.What  are some  subjects/topics  you  all  write  about?

N: it is Alvaro at the helm, all lyrics are done by him, topics range from perversion, violence,tyrants, disease, universe, religion etc. although me and Jay did some lyrics for a pair of songs ten years ago, now it’s all Alvaro.

6.Has  PaganFire   started  work  on  a  new  full-length  or  demo?If  yes  how  many  songs  will you   write and record  for  the  new  release?

N: as we speak, we have locally released a new demo with 3 songs, “ANG SUSUPIL! ANG KIKITIL!” last March ’15, and we did a follow up single “ THE EXECUTOR IS BACK” last Oct. 9, ’15, we have 4 new songs, and they will reflect the direction of the new album,we plan to do at least 8 tracks or more, we have 4 down, and we will do some more, I am thinking of systematically re-recording our songs from 2006, as we feel that they never got the production they deserved, but all of this extra activity is not sure, only thing sure is the follow up to “wreaking..” will be made soon enough. 

7.What   Merchandise  and  releases  are  available  for  the  fans ?Where  can  the  maniacs  find your  releases and  merchandise?

N: as stated above, we did two new releases, and on top of that our DVDr and LIVE ep series are all put out by Alvaro on his Metal Havoc productions, there is also stuff out on various labels: WREAKING cd – BESTIAL INVASION RECORDS, DEMO 2004 REISSUE TAPE – WARMASTER and INCONSPIRACY RECORDS, MALAYSIA, WREAKING Euro press – KAMPF RECORDS, POLAND, a PAGANFIRE/SABBAT split tape is out too on STYGIAN SHADOWS, HUNGARY, CD and LP versions to follow shorlty on BESTIAL INVASION, and ANGER OF METAL, Anger of Metal also did the “Wreaking” LP version, anyone interested to get any of this just let me know or try and google the labels, they are all cooperative and true maniacs of the underground! if any label is keen on re-releasing the live series,  contact us: 

8.Does   PaganFire    play  "live"  very   often  or  do you  all  prefer the  studio?

N: we  play at least 5-6 times a year, that is all, but we rehearse regularly, at least 1 hour per week, I prefer the studio as it is more productive in my opinion,  playing live is getting bothersome at the moment, as there is only one venue where we played for the last 3 shows, haha playing live in different cities is better, let us see if this will change in 2016. Argh!! 

9.Who   are  some  bands  you  all  have the  pleasure to  share  the  stage  with? What  have  been  some  of your   most  memorable  shows  over  the  years?

N: there are many, but more often than not we play with CORRUPT INSANITY, PATHOGEN, SACROSANCT, KARIMLAN, some memorable gigs were the nights with INFERNAL CURSE, BEAST PETRIFY, RIVERGE, AS SAHAR, of course there are tons more of bands we have played with for the last 16 years, listing them all here would be tedious!! But the 1st four bands mentioned are all worthy of a good listen!! Most memorable was the Iron Maiden tribute in 2005, that turned into a good old fashioned bar punching incident, complete with cops!!!! Our gigs in Legazpi, Cebu, Iloilo and Baguio cities from 2011-2015, and our one night show in Malaysia in 2014, all of this are the most embedded in my brains, we will do this again!!

10.Nonoy   you   handle  the  guitars  for the band  at  what  age  did you  start  playing  the  guitars?Are  you   self  taught  or  did you  take  some  lessons  when  first  beginning?

N: I started playing when I was 13, and until now, it is not obvious in my playing hahaha, I never had any lessons, just basic chord chart reading with my neighbors, and then tablature reading, some tips from our ex-guitarists, and from there I could say I learned everything and still learning things all by myself, nothing much more to say, but practice and more practice always!

11.Who  are some  of your  influences/favorite    guitarists?

N: Major influences would be Hetfield, Hanneman, Mustaine, etc as they are the reason why I picked up a guitar in the first plae, later on, I get to admire tons of others like the axemen from Sodom, Infernal Majesty, Kreator, Mercyful Fate, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Sacred Reich, Death and many more guitarists that to me are doing something very interesting can be branded as my influences, later on bands like DEMOLITION HAMMER, HOLY TERROR, RIGOR MORTIS and ORDER FROM CHAOS became the blueprints of how I want my playing to be, which as always is but a dream, such a goal will be unattainable hahahaaa

12.Besides  the  guitars  you   also  handle  the  vocals  for  the  band.When  did you  first  start  growling and  screaming? Do  you  do  anything to   keep  your  throat and  voice  healthy?

N: let me correct you, nowadays I only do backing vocals for PAGANFIRE, I was only able to sing a pair of songs 10 years ago, it was only with this band that I tried singing, but to no avail haha, Alvaro does it better so we let him do it, no questions asked haha back when I was still singing I did nothing for my throat but to drink tons of cold beer! 

13.who  are  some  of your  favorite   vocalists and  singers? Besides the  vocals  and  guitars  do  you  play  any  other  instruments?

N: there are many, Halford, Diamond, Dickinson then the insane ones like Helmkampf, Schuldiner etc, I am more into the insane vocalists, from Black, Death and Grind Bands, I like it when it is both gruesome and memorable, powerfully frightening,  something that will leave a mark in my brain.

14.In your   opinion  what  is  the best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene today? And  what  does the term underground  metal   mean to you?

N: Best thing is communication is a lot faster now, emails and information can be easily passed on, worst is the internet and social networking produced tons of pretenders, I used to worry about them but I know in 5 years time many of them will be out of the scene, so that it will be ok, underground metal is pure, fresh, and free from worthless trends, that is what it is to me.

15.PaganFire  comes  out  of  the  Philippines   metal  scene  what  is   your  opinon  of  the  scene  in  the   Philippines ?

N: the “scene” here is a series of activities that may equate to a “scene”, some gigs, some concerts, some traders, some collectors, BUT there are no more DIE HARDS in that aspect there is no scene around here or I can say there is no die hard scene, a superficial scene is what is here, but scene or no scene is that really important? With or without this scene PAGANFIRE will still play, rehearse, and release stuff, as we tread our own path and please no one else but ourselves.

16.Who  are  your  all time  favorite  bands  from  the Philippines ?Are  their  any  new  upcoming bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?


17.Nonoy  thank  you   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this    interview   out.Do  you   have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?

N: BOYCOTT THE DAVAO RIP-OFF SCENE!!!! KAMATAYAN SA HUWAD NA METAL!! ANYONE interested with anything written here just contact me at the only PAGANFIRE address: NONOY PADREJUAN #60 NARIG STREET, VETERAN’S VILLAGE, PROJECT 7, 1105, QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES, email: thanks to you Patrick for doing this, bands for splits, labels for re-releases, traders, etc, drop us a line!!!!!

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Interview with Portugal's Festering done by Patrick on 10-11-15

Metal   Hails
Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Portugal's   old-school  band  "Festering"  the band  released  a few demo's  and  one  E.P.  And  recently  released their  debut  cd  "From  The  Grave"   through  the  label  "Caverna  Abismal  Rec"   so  if you  are  a   old-school death  metal  maniac  be  sure to  pick  this  cd   up  today. 

Interview   with  Koja   Mutilator   Bass  player  for  Festering   done  by    Patrick

1. Hello Koja how is life going for you these days in Portugal? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi guys! I am Koja, bass guitar player and founding member of the Portuguese old school Death Metal band, Festering. Life in Portugal is going through very hard times. The country has been under a tough economic adjustment program, through the International Monetary Fund. Because of this economic recovery, the people are under strong austerity measures. This does we are going through a serious financial crisis, subject to large budget cuts, brutal tax increases and enormous cuts in pensions and state support. With very serious consequences on the budget of families and a severe increase of the unemployment in the country. All this is reflected in the various areas of society and music is no exception.

2.      I believe you first formed Festering in 1992 what gave you the idea to start this band? Why did you stop the band back then?

Yes, me and two other friends, decided to start this project in 1992. At the time we all  played in other bands. But we had in common the idea of creating a band within the old spirit of the Grind / Gore, influenced by bands like Carcass and Napalm Death. So, the three of us joined and started writing songs in that line, and thus came the Festering. But this band was never more than a project, a hobby, a side project. Therefore, it was nothing more than something temporary. We recorded a song and it got there.

3.      Festering reformed in 2011 what made you decide to reform the band after so many years?

It all started with a conversation with a great friend of mine, Pedro, who had been vocalist in Extreme Unction (our main band - we recorded one album and a few demos). We both had the idea of making a band that would bring back the old Death Metal spirit in the vein of Entombed, Dismember, Death, Obituary or Bolt Thrower. Our friend João Galego (Guitar) quickly joined our project. I already had some material written: several riffs and songs that had been kept in the drawer waiting for the right opportunity. So, we grabbed that material and started working on it. We finished several songs and, in the meantime, Norberto (drums) also joined our ranks. But the name for our band was still missing... That's when I thought about reusing the name "Festering" and give it a new life. And thus, in 2011 Festering was reborn leaning towards that old school Death Metal sound, but retaining some of the initial Gore/Grind influences.

4.What is the current line-up for Festering? For the readers who have never heard Festering's music how would you best describe it?

As of this moment, after João left and Norberto is about to follow his footsteps, the band consists only of me and Pedro. As I said before, Festering follows that dirty early 90's Swedish Death Metal style, mixing fast riffs with slower brutal parts, sprinkled with some melodic touches more akin to Doom Metal. I think we manage to mix the right amount of brutality, speed and melody in our songs. We're a band focused on simple, direct, strong and accessible songs without any technical virtuosity

5.Festering recently released their debut cd "From the grave" through Caverna Abismal Rec. how did the band come in contact with this label?

Actually, the album is a three-label affair: Caverna Abismal, War Productions and Sinais Produções. In 2012 we released a demo "From the Grave" and a 7" single "Exhumed" through War Productions. In the meantime that label split in two, War Prod. and Sinais Prod. Later on, Nuno from Caverna Abismal had the idea of merging both releases add a bonus track and make a CD edition, which we accepted right away. Since all the labels had worked together in other releases, they decided to join forces again and make a better release.

6.When writing a new song does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually write everything? Who usually writes the lyrics for the band? What are some subjects you all write about?

At first, when João was still in the band, we would gather, pick a few melodies and riffs and work them into songs and the lyrics were written by me and Pedro. But right now, I'm the only one composing the songs and writing the lyrics with some input from Pedro. The subjects go from ancient mythology, to wars, ethnical and religious persecutions (old or new), apocalypse, etc... But always gore-oriented, violent and aggressive.

7.Does Festering ever play live or do you all prefer to work in the studio? What have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

We haven't played live yet. At first, the band was to be solely a studio project due to the difficulty of finding the right musicians. But since we're having a great feedback from both the fans and the reviewers, I'm committed to take this band a step forward and start playing live.

8. Who are some of the bands you all have had the opportunity to share the stage with? Are there any tours or shows coming up to support the new CD "From the grave".

As I said, we haven't played live yet, although some invitations have popped up, even in some important festivals. Nuno (Caverna Abismal) is willing to put the band on the road and even started planning some dates in Portugal. At the same time, I have some musician friends willing to help out taking Festering to the stage, so let's see what comes out in the future.

9.    Festering comes out of Portugal's metal scene how do you feel Portugal's metal scene has change since the mid-nineties to now?

I think there's been a big evolution since then: there are lots of interesting bands and projects in various styles. The quality of musicians also took a huge step forward as well as the technical means at their disposal. More studios, more knowledge, more information, better material... All this makes up for a big step in quality.

10.  Who are your all-time favorite Portuguese bands? Are there any new bands coming from Portugal you feel the readers should watch out for?

One of my all-time favorite Portuguese bands is Filii Nigrantium Infernalium. Nowadays, there are quite a few new bands and some old ones who are also great! Some names that come to mind: Midnight Priest, Ravensire, Grog, Dementia 13, Perpetratör, Holocausto Canibal, Simbiose, Martelo Negro. These are high quality bands, some with a long story on the Portuguese Metal scene.

11.  Besides bands are there any good labels or distro's from Portugal the readers should check out?

Yes, we have some good labels and distro's in Portugal, who've been working hard releasing and promoting lots of bands. Besides Caverna Abismal, War Productions and Sinais Produções, I can say that Chaosphere, Helldprod, A Forja and Blood & Iron are doing a great job.

12.  In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? And what does underground mean to you?

The freedom to be creative and develop the sound without any restrictions or impositions from others is, for sure, the best of the underground. You can compose and record your songs and the labels decide if they want to release them or not. The underground is pure and true. It's the force of will and creativity that count, not the money. As for the worst, there are quite a few poor quality bands coming out every day that sometimes can overwhelm the best projects. Then there's also the quality of sound... Some bands have great musicianship and songwriting skills, but lose a bit of their sting due to the quality of recording and production.

13.  Koja, besides Festering are you or any of the members of the band currently working with other bands? If yes please tell the readers about the bands you are involved with.

Besides Festering I'm involved in Extreme Unction, which has always been my main project. We've returned in 2015 with a new album that should come out in October. Expect melodic Death Metal with more care in song structures and more Doom influences.

14.  Koja you handle the bass for Festering when did you start playing the bass? Who are some of your influences /favorite bassists?

I started playing bass in my teen years, with some childhood friends, around 1987. My main influences are Steve Harris and Cliff Burton (RIP). I'm very inspired by both these Heavy Metal monsters. Although I like quite a few other bassists, these two are the ones who have contributed mostly to make the bassist I am today

15.  Koja, thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you on behalf of Festering for this opportunity and for your support. I'd like to leave a final message to all the readers: support the underground and the small bands that need your help to grow! Be faithful to Heavy Metal... \m/