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Interview with France's Bestial Soul done by Patrick on 1-30-26

Hope  everyone's  weekend {or  week  depending  on  when you get  time to  read  this}   here  is  a  new  interview  with  France's   Bestial  Soul   a   new thrash  force  that  has released  their  debut  cd  "Perpetual  Darkness"  which  is  available  directly  from  the  band.Hope you  enjoy the   interview  a lot  more  updates will  be  posted  soon

Interview   with   Eddy P.  drummer   of  Bestial   Soul   done  by   Patrick

1. Hello   Eddy   how  are  things with you and  the  band?  Please  introduce  yourself to  the  readers?

Hi Patrick, All is well for us.Bestial Soul  is a band of Thrash metal from France, we started in early 2013
and after two demo we have made our first album "Perpetual darkness" in September 2015.
Have done much to show in Paris since 2013, we also play a lot in the central region and made the MFest 2015 (with Belphegor, Hatesphere ...)

2.When  did you  first  meet the  other  members  of  Bestial   Soul ? What   is the   current  line-up  of   the  band?For the  readers  who have  not  had the   chance to  listen  to  Bestial   Soul's
music  how would you  best  describe  it?
we met in early 2013,I put an ad on the net in 2012 I looked for a band of Thrah or Death and I was contacted by the guys who look for a drummer for a while.We have the same passion for Thrash and
metal in general.
the line up is the same since our beginning : Steven Joré (Guit/vocals),Jow Beranguer (Lead guit),Gwen Pigat(Bass)
and myself on drums .have made Thrash metal rather old school influenced by bands like,Kreator,early Sepultura,Slayer,Dark Angel, Exodus,Sodom,Testament,Death ......

3.Bestial   Soul    recently  released their debut  cd  "Perpetual  Darkness"  how  long  did it  take the  band  to  write  and  record  the  songs  on  the debut release?

We started to compose songs just after to be formed,8 tracks of "perpetual darkness" are taken from our two demos (First bleeding and Chaos of insanity).we began two months for recorded it at home .
we took our time to take the best tracks.

4.Who  usually  writes  the   lyrics  for the  songs  what  are  some  subjects you   all  write  about?

 Gwen and myself are writing the lyrics in general.Jow also wrote "Demonic Art".
Our lyrics often speak of human stupidity, the fear, the future and the disease.
we try to have different ideas about each composition

5.Bestial   Soul    self released  the  debut  cd  did  you  all  plan  on  self-releasing the cd  or  did you  look  for  a  label?Will  you  all  work  with  a  label  for   Bestial   Soul's  future  releases  or do you   prefer  to  work  alone?

We were in contact with a label but have preferred remained in self-production for our first album.
for the future nothing is yet defined,we'll see what holds for us.

6.Besides  the  debut  cd    "Perpetual  Darkness"   does  the  band  have   any  other  merchandise   available   for  the  readers? If  yes  where  can  the  readers  find your  release  and  merchandise?

unfortunately, no merchandise available yet.T shirts are forecast to soon.
Cd is available directly on our Bandcamp page

7.Does   Bestial   Soul    ever  play  live  very  often  or do you  prefer to  work  in  the  studio? What  have  been   some   of your   most  memorable  shows  to  date?

 We definitely prefer to play live,our music is really made for live.
we did a lot of live from the beginning.
the most memorable remains the 2 shows we did for the MFest in 2015 and first in 2013 at the "Gibus" in Paris.

8.Are  their   any  tours  or  shows   planned  for  2016? If  yes  where  are  some  places the  band  will  be  playing?

we work hard to find shows for 2016,especially in France. it's really hard to find place to organize
show in our region,but not despair and finish well by finding.
Currently no date has been set, unfortunately.

9.In  your  opinion  what  is the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene?  And   what  does  underground  metal   mean  to you?

The best thing for the underground, it is precisely to be able to help each band, webzine, label.
The underground is like a big family.the worst thing of the underground for me is that there are too
many bands evrywhere and it's very hard to get out of the mass today but we are made primarily of music by passion  for fun first.

10.Eddy   you  handle the  drums  for the  band  when  did you  become  interested  in  playing the drums?  Are  you  self taught  or  did you take  lessons  when  first  starting  out?

I started playing drums at 11 years old(1992).My father often took me to see shows of local hard rock band
and I was always fascinated by drummer.After my sister showed me the video of AC / DC "Live at Donington 91" and Chris Slade really inspired me to play the drums and ride my first band.
After I got my first kit and took a lesson for 3 years.

11.Who  are  some  of your   influences and favorite  drummers? Besides the  drums  do you  currently  play  any  other   instruments?

 when I started to play drums Chris Slade influenced me a lot.After I started listening to metal and a lot of the   drummers influenced me as Lars Ulrich, Igor Cavalera, Dave Lombardo, Vinnie Paul, Jürgen Reil (Ventor) .....
Then I listened to Death Metal and as drummer Gene Hoglan ,Sean Reinert, Dave Culross, Mike Smith, Flo Mournier, Pete Sandoval, George Kollias is greatly influenced me.
my favorite drummers remains, Igor cavalera, Gene Hoglan and George Kollias .
I play a little guitar, but it's been that I do not practice.

12.Bestial   Soul    comes   out  of   France's  thrash  metal  scene   what  is  your  opinion   of  France's   metal   scene?
The metal scene in France is really not bad with quite a good bands of Thrash , Death or Metal .
There are many metal festival in France are some really huge like "Hell fest" other more underground
like" MFest "there's something for everyone.
the problem in France as everywhere I think,is that the local shows are struggling to attract many people.
people have more difficulty going to underground shows.

13.Who   are  some  of your  all time  favorite  French  bands?  Are their  any  new  bands   you  feel  the  readers  should   watch  out  for?

early Massacra,Aggressor and Loudblast are my favorite French bands.In the new scene are also some very good bands like,Pleasure to kill,Arcania,Perversifier....

14.Besides    Bestial   Soul    are  any  of the  members   currently   working  with  other  bands   if  yes   please  tell  the  readers  a  little  about  them?

 No one in the band does another project.

15.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you   have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

Thank you Patrick for this great interview and you review .
the underground needs people like you that helps bands.
please visited our Bandcamp page and facebook.

Thrash 'till Death

                                                          Band    Contact 

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Interview with Germany's Goatthroat done by Patrick on 1-22-16

Here   is  a  new  interview  with   Germany's  raw  blackend death  metal  band  Goatthroat  who  released their  debut  cd  "Rites  Of  Blasphemy"  that  came  out  in the  end  of  2015.The  band  is working  on  new  material   now  so  defintly  check  their  sites  out  for  more  news  and  updates.

Interview  with  Goatthroat   done  by   Patrick

1. Hails! How is 2016 starting off for the band and yourself so far? Please introduce yourself to the readers of Primitive Ways.

Necromancer: Hail Patrick! The things are going very well at the moment. This is the second interview we are giving for Goatthroat in 2016. So the year starts good for us.
I am the blasphemer of the six and four strings. I also wrote most of the songs and lyrics of our debut „Rites of Blasphemy. And as you can hear on this release I am a maniac of the ancient black and death metal sound from the ´90s.

Zdrobitor: Hailz, Patrick. With the release of the Goatthroat CD we started very well into the new year and futhermore we are pleasantly surprised that the disc is very well received. I am the master of infernal battery of the band, as you already know and I also created the rough draft from the Logo which was later redesigned by Christophe Szpajdel, the Lord of the Logos.

Golzarath: Hails! We are Goatthroat, a raw Black / Death Metal band from Germany. 2016 started as usual, with a lot of work and a little of time. At the moment we are working on our second CD.

2. When did you first meet the other members of Goatthroat? What is the current line up of the band? For the readers who have never heard Goatthroat's music. How would you best describe it?

Necromancer: It all startet in mid of 2014 when I finished some songs for a namless project.  I contacted Zdrobitor and asked him if he‘s interested to make the drums. After that I come  in conversation with Golzarath. And he was the right guy for the vocals.

Golzarath:  Well, we never met in person. We all know each other through internet. Goatthroat are Golzarath (vocals), Necromancer (guitar, bass) & Zdrobitor (drums). We play a raw and primitive style of Death/Black Metal, the old fashioned way.

3. Goatthroat has just released their debut CD "Rites Of  Blasphemy". How long did it take to write and record the songs for this  release? Does the whole band work on the music or does one member  usually write everything?

 Necromancer: The songs were recorded in different time periods. The guitar and bass tracks where recorded in a few weeks in 2014. It was a result of a pretty spontanous session. Then Zdrobitor recorded the drums. And after that the vocals where done by Golzarath.

Zdrobitor: In principle the whole band is working on the stuff. When I get the guitar and bass lines I have free hand to make the drums so that it sounds best to me. When I have finished my work on it the stuff goes to Golzarath, who take care of the rest.

4. I believe the lyrics are based on Satanism and the occult. When  did you become interested in studying and learning about the occult?

 Necromancer: The lyrics are all about blaphemy. I hate the monotheistic religions and especially all fanatic devotees. They are all like stupid lambs which are too stupid to think for themselves.

Golzarath: Since I began to create music, back in 1997.

5. Who are some Satanists and occultist you like to study? Do you  consider yourselfs Satanists or do you prefer not to label yourselfs?

 Necromancer: You are right. I won´t lable myself as something.  I am more a mixture of antichrist, atheist and heretic. I am the chaos, hehe.    This is more a question for Zdrobitor.  

Zdrobitor: Oh, it’s some years ago that I considered me as a Satanist. There were some great people that awoke my deeper interest, like Anton Szandor LaVey from the Church of Satan and Michael A. Aquino from the Temple of Set. They influenced the satanic/setian subculture significantly like no other. But my interest was deeper so that I went further back in history. As you all know, Satanism was created as a counterpart to monotheistic religions like Christianiy, Islam and Judaism, but Aquino’s Setianism is more based on the ancient egyptian cult of Set, who is a kind of prototype of Satan. But I found out, that the egyptian god Set is not the oldest figure of the socalled Prince of Darkness. Years later I got in contact with different kinds of Conspiracy Theories and Forbidden Archeology. William Bramley, the author of „Gods of Eden“ wrote about an alien god which was called Enki/Ea by the old mesopotamic Sumerians and Babylonians. Here could be lie the almost oldest origin of the King of Hell. But more interesting is the fact, that Enki never played the role of the real evil guy. Quite the contrary he was the only one in a group of many alien Gods (custodians) which was on the side of mankind and who fought for its preservation. All that may be written in ancient cuneiform texts which are probably much older like the egyptian hieroglyphs. But who knows, maybe some time an older culture will be found which wrote similar things much times before the Sumerians.
But my interests in mythology are also going to the northern culture of the Viking Gods and ancient baltic religions, in which both they had a mighty Thundergod. But how would I describe me? No idea. Maybe as a heathen atheist with satanic background, haha.

I’m interested in Satanism and the occult, but I don’t want to label me as a Satanist.

6. Does Goatthroat play "live" very often or do you prefer to work  in the studio? What have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

Necromancer: Goatthroat is a studio band. We have never played live and I think we will never play a live show. The Members of Goatthroat live too far away from each other. Therefore, it is be difficult to organize rehearsals for live shows.

We are not a live band. We only create our blasphemies in studio.

7. Are there any shows or small tours planed for 2016? If yes where are some places the band will be playing?

Necromancer: No. There are no plans for live shows in 2016.

8. What does Black Metal mean to you?

 Necromancer: I would say Metal in general has a great meaning in my life.
I grew up with all the styles in the late eighties/early nineties. Heavy/Thrash/Death/ Black Metal. The music has to be authentic and no false faggot shit.

Zdrobitor: That goes for me, too. I really love the old stuff, because the music then was really authentic. Too many bands today sounds like some other. Black Metal is for me first a great kind of music and second a perfect tool for rebellion and reduction of aggression, haha.

Golzarath: Black Metal is a life philosophy. One does not simply listen to Black Metal. You got to breath it, to be it.

9. Goatthroat comes out of the German Black  Metal scene. What is  your opinion of Germany's Black  Metal  scene?

 Necromancer: The german scene is still alive. There are plenty of great and authentic bands, labels and fanzines. And the scene is very active. Many concerts and festivals. And also there are some hard working record labels and (printed) fanzine which keep the old flame alive.

Zdrobitor: I like the German Metal scene. Most of the greatest bands hailing from here. 

Golzarath: The scene was strong back in 1990-1999. After that there was a break and it seemed that Black Metal was supposed to die. But since some years there is a new scene growing.

10. Who are your all time favorite german bands? Are there any new  bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

 Necromancer: I raise my fist to: Ungod, Baxaxaxa, Protector, Desaster, old-Sodom, old-Kreator, Accept.  And you should check out: Goatblood, Nocturnal Witch, Diabolic Night, Black Force, Drudensang, Graveyard Ghoul, Mort, Venenum, Drowned, Necros Christos, Horns of Damnation, Waffenträger Luzifers...  

Zdrobitor: Ungod, Desaster, Helrunar, Dark Fortress, Accept, Unlight, old-Agathodaimon (with their romanian singer Vlad), Rebellion, Cabal, Deimos, Eminenz and some more.

Golzarath: Eminenz, Silexater and Moonblood only to name three. There are some new bands for sure, but the only band I would name here is Goatthroat.

11. Besides the debut CD "Rites Of Blasphemy" is there any other  merchandise available for the fans? If yes where can the fans buy it  from?

  Necromancer: At the moment there is no other merch available. Maybe we will print some shirts in near future. Watch from time to time on our Facebook site.

Golzarath: In the near future there will be some Goatthroat logo shirts available. You can get the CD directly from us over our facebook site. Or feel free to visit the web shop from Dominance of Darkness Records (

12. Has the band started working on new songs for Goatthroat's next  release? Any idea how many songs will be on the next release?

  Necromancer: Yeah, we startet to work on our next release. Actually there are 11 songs written and recorded. Except the vocals. The total playing time will be something about  30 Minutes. Maybe there will be one or two songs more. We will see... 

Golzarath: Currently we are working on new stuff. At the moment there are 11 new songs.

13. Besides Goatthroat are any of the members currently working  with other bands or solo projects? If yes, could you please tell the  readers about them?

  Necromancer: Everyone in Goatthroat is playing in other bands/projects.
All of them playing Black and/or Death Metal. I am actually playing in Old Skull (Black/Thrash Metal), Heretic Deathcult (primitive Black Metal), Ruins of Unlight (Black Metal) and Putrid Torso (Old school Death Metal).

Zdrobitor: Yeah, I am also in Old Skull, Nihilistic Conspiracy (Black Metal), Saltais Velis (melodic Black Metal), Lamashtu (primitive Death/Black) and Rotten Death (melodic Death Metal). In all I take the part of drumworks, but I also sing for all but Goatthroat and Old Skull.

Golzarath: Currently I work on a CD with my other band Dethroned. I although play in the following bands, As Light Becomes Shadow, Erakko, Pestkult, Serpent Empire, only to name a few.

14. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you  have any final comments for the readers?

 Necromancer: Thanks to you and your support, Patrick. It was a honour to answering your question. And also we hail all the readers of Primitive Ways Webzine and all Black and Death Metal maniacs.  Cheers....

Zdrobitor: Thanx, Patrick. It was a very nice interview and we are glad that some metalheads like you are interested in our work. Keep the Black Flame alive! 

Golzarath: Thank you Patrick for this interview. Keep the flame burning.

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New Reviews done on 1-10-16 done by Patrick

Metal  Hails
Here   is   a  new  blog  of  reviews  to  start  the  year  off  with  it  is  mainly  thrash  bands  and  a few  black metal  bands.Hope you  enjoy  and  keep  watching the  site  a lot  of  new  reviews  and  interviews  are  in the  works.

Bestial   Soul--Perpetual  Darkness   cd   {Self-Released}
France's   thrashing  maniacs    Bestial   Soul  have  released  their  debut  cd  Perpetual  Darkness   and  what  a  great  release  it  is.Combining  early  slayer thrash  mixed  with  some  excellent  Kreator  and  other german greats  with their  own  brand  of  violent  thrash  Bestial   Soul  do  a  great  job  of  writing  and  performing    well  written  and  performed  violent  thrash  attacks.The  guitars  are  played  with  a lot  of  skill and  excellent  guitar   patterns and  some  well played  solo's  mixed  in  a few  of the  songs.The  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  experience  and  power  with  some  very  chaotic  and  fast  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  raw  screams  with  a  few  blackend  screams  entertwined  in the  music.If  you  are  a  fan  of  extremely  well  written  and  performed  thrash metal  then  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Bestial   Soul's  debut  cd  today.
                                                                        Band   Contact 
GoatThroat---Rites  Of  Blasphemy   cd   {Tribulacion   Prod.}
Germany's   raw  and violent  black  metal   has  never  sounded  or  been  performed  better then  with  GoatThroat's  debut  cd.Rites  Of  Blasphemy   is  ten  tracks  of   barbaric  raw black  metal.The  music  is  well  written  and  delievered  going from  a  mid  paced range to  a  all out  fast   assult   on the eardrums.The  drumming  is  top  notch  with  some  very  well done  mid  paced  drum  patterns to  all out  blasting drum  patterns.The  vocals  are grim  black metal  shrieks  and  screams  if you  are  a  fan  of  raw  black  metal that    is  short  and  gets to the  point  then  Rites  Of  Blasphemy     is  a  release  you  will  want  to  pick  up  today.
                                                                              Label   Contact
                                                                           Band  Contact
Monstractor---Recycling   Thrash   cd   {Die  Hard  Rec.}
Coming  out  of the  Brazilian underground  thrash  scene  is  Monstractor  playing  extremely  fast  and  well  played thrash.The  guitars  are  played  with  a lot  of  skill  and  aggressive  riffs and  some  very  well  played  solo's  are  mixed  in  a few  of the  songs.The drummer  knows  how  to  play  intense  and fast  drum  patterns  but  the drummer  doesn't  play  extremely fast throughout  the  songs  he does  slow to  a  mid  paced  style  before  going  full force  with  some  well played and  chaotic  patterns.The  vocals  are  sung  very  well  with  a  mix  of   thrashy  screams  and  some  hollering  type  of  vocals.If  you  are  a  fan  of  chaotic and  fierce  thrash  metal  then  defintly   pick  up  a  copy  of this  cd  soon.
                                                                 Band   Contact  
Wargrinder/Hatemanifesto--As  The  Conquer Descends/The  Gospel  Of  Extinction  7Inch {Fistbang  Rec.}
Starting  off  this  split 7 inch  is  Greece's  Wargrinder  with their  song  Spawn  Of  Insidious  Malevolence  the  music  doesn't  take  long before you   know what your  getting  with  a  blackend  war  metal  sound.Crazed and  furious  drumming  that  is  done  with  a lot  good  patterns  and  speed.The  guitars  are  played  in the  same  vein  with  extremely  fast  riffs  and a few  solo's  mixed  into  the  overall sound.The  vocals are  raw  death  metal  growls  and a few  black metal screams  entertwined  in the  music.Up  next  is  Greece's  Hate Manifesto  with  their  song   Perpetual Glorification  Of The  Eternal Symbols{Of War}   playing  a  vicious  and  even  brutal  style  of  war  black  metal  with  blasting  war  like  drums that  are done  in  a crazed  playing  style.The  guitars are  played  at  a  high  speed that race through the  song.If you  are  a  fan  of  war  black  metal  then you  defintly   need to  pick  this  split   up  today.

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Interview with California's Seraphic Disgust done by Patrick On 1-9-16

Hope  everyone  is   having  a good  start  to  2016!!!   here  is  a  new  interview  with  California's  blackend  war/death   metal   Seraphic  Disgust   who  talk  about the  new  release  and the  scene  in  general  so  take  a few  minutes to  read  it  and if you  are   interested  check  out  the  bands  pages.

Interview   with  NB.  drummer and AC Vocalist and  guitarist   of   Seraphic Disgust    done  by   Patrick

1.Hails  N.B  when  did  you  first  discover   metal  music?Who   were  some  of  the  early  bands  you  listened  to?Who   are  some  of your  current  favorites?
  Hails! I grew up listening to stuff like Metallica, Black Sabbath and hard rock bands through my Dad. I was about 15 when I started seeking a heavier sound, naturally leading to my own discovery of extreme styles of metal. Early on some favorites were Helstar and Cancer. Some current favorites are disEMBOWELMENT, Mortem(Peru), and Perdition Temple.

 2.When  did  you  first  meet the  other  members  of  the  band? What   is  the  current  line up  of    Seraphic Disgust ?
  I've known and played extreme music with Guitarist/vocalist IL for nearly 10 years. I've met the other members more recently. Current lineup:
AC - Guitar/vocals
IL - Guitar/vocals
RR - Bass
NB - Drums/vocals
3.For  the  readers  who  have   never   heard   Seraphic Disgust's  music  how  would  you  describe  it?

 To the core, I see us as a Blackened Death metal band. We blend various extreme elements as we see fit.
4. Seraphic Disgust    recently  released  their  debut  cassette   "Altar Cunt"  through  P18 Rec.  Is  the  cassette version  the  only  available  format  or  will you  release  it  on cd  or  vinyl?

 The album has been released by Engulfed in Darkness Records (Chile), on CD. Another Pressing was made on Cassette by American Label, Headsplit Records as well. So far there are no plans for a vinyl release.

5.Does  the  whole   band  work  on  writing  the  music  or  does   one  member   usually   take  care   of  everything? Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band.What  are  some  topics  you  all  write  about?
me and Nick have written a big chunk of the songs however   Ian added some of his own riffs and creative input, Ryan as well both of them have been a great contribution, bringing us our strongest line up for seraphic disgust .NB writes the majority of the lyrics usually based around evil,occult and demonology where the lyrics I contribute are dark as well but a bit more gore/ death/ filth based
6.Besides  the  debut cassette  does  the  band  have  any  other   merchandise   available  for  the  readers?
yes we have more merch available we have a pro CD that was released from Chilean record label,  Engulfed  in darkness records as well as a multiple variety of T-shirt designs from Shortsleeve two long sleevehit us up directly on Facebook for ordering info
7..What   does  underground  metal   mean  to you?
the underground scene is one of the most true ,forgotten ,hated scenes around yet to me and other loyal fans it is everything these are bands that play music just to play and compose music not caring about what others may think or say , the underground  metal scene is strong and getting stronger ,horns up to you all the underground black death metal bands out there ,keep the flame burning
8. Seraphic Disgust    comes  out  of  the  Californian  metal  scene.What   is  your   opinion  of  California's   metal   scene?
I feel the Californian scene is , great in our hometown San Diego we have some great bands and a small loyal black death scene The scene seems to be greater and stronger heading up north from Los Angeles to the bay area.
9..Who   are  your   all-time  favorite   bands  to  come  out  of   California? Are  their   any  new  bands  from   California  that  you   feel  the  readers   should   watch  out  for?
hmmmm that's a bit of a tough question there are many great bands that have come from ,California  mainstream and underground bands like autopsy, testament exodus Sadus,Megadeth ,slayer just to name a few and then there are even some great bands coming out of San Diego such as condemned, invocation war ,impure consecration, ascended dead ,archaic  mortuary ,antebellum 666 ,lurid memory, Mortuus terror,disgorge, just to name a few
10.NB  you  handle  the  drums  for  the  band  when  did you  first  start  playing  the  drums?  Are  you  self  taught  or  did you  take   lessons   when  first  starting  out?
I started playing drums when I was 16, so its been about 8 years. I am self taught which means I am constantly trying to correct my technique.
11.Who  are  some  of your   influences and  favorite  drummers?Besides the   drums  do  you  currently   play  any other   instruments?
 I grew up listening to Rush so naturally, Neil Peart is one of my influences. I'm a huge fan of Pete Sandoval's work as well! I also play guitar, I had actually composed some of the riffs for this project...although most of the guitars are written by AC.
12.Besides    Seraphic Disgust    are  any  of the   members   currently  working  with  other  bands  or  side projects?
All the other members are involved in active bands. AC plays in Antebellum666 and in pure consecration. IL is the lead Guitarist for Ascended Dead. And RR plays bass for Condemned
13.Since  2015  is  almost  over  with  what  are  the  bands  plans  for  2016?

 As far as 2016 goes we have two shows booked one of which, we will be preforming in Oregon for the third Famine Fest. Also a split is in the works and has already received label support.
14.Thank  you  for  taking  the   time  to  fill  this   interview  out   do  you   have   any  final  words  for the  readers?
Thank you for the interest!! As I mentioned we will have a split out later this year, it will feature 5 compositions on each side. So far a cassette release in confirmed.

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Interview with Hordes Of The Apocalypse done by Patrick on 12-28-15

Here   is  a   new  interview  with the  Swedish  two  man band  Hordes  Of  The  Apocalypse  talking  about their  upcoming  debut  and  more.Anyone  who  is  interested  should  get  in  touch  with the  band  today.

Interview   with   Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse   done  by    Patrick

1.Hello  Thomas and  Greigh   how  are  things  going  with  you  these  days? Please   introduce  yourselfs  to  the  readers?


I’m doing fine thank you. Pretty stressful on the work front, but I’m fine with that.My name is Greigh Johanson, a musician and cineast who also owns and works with Goregasmic Magazine together with my friend Tim Nordstedt. That’s an magazine, and blog written in english, where we reviewing independent/underground film and music, worldwide.


The metal world entered very early in my life. I was about 13 when I did my first death metal demo. I’m soon 33 so lot of things has happened since then. I was about 20 when I did my first demo with Damnation Army, which I later, after some demos being released in the underground, got signed to Dutch label Mascot Records and got two albums made and distributed worldwide. I have also had countless of releases with different projects, early on, put out through underground labels from many corners of the world. I also ran (around 2004) an extreme metal underground label myself for a couple of years. The last years I have been producing music for american documentaries and various music for some horror movies and DVD extra material content etc. I also run, since a year now, a community called METAL KALMAR that has about 170 members. It’s a gathering spot for the very local scene where I live. Combined with that I also help out a local metal club called to film and edit interviews with the bands that play.  

2.When   did  you  two   first  meet?  Was   it  long  before  you  got  the  idea  to  start  a  band? How  did  you  two  come  up  with the  name  Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse   for the band?


I discovered one of Thomas music projects on YouTube three years ago and became very fascinated . I was also interested in his anonymity and tried to ferret out who the person behind the project was and I therefore chose to send him a message . It was via this route , this led to an acquaintance who would later formed into friendship. I've done an interview and an article with Thomas earlier , and I met him for the first time in Gothenburg for half a year ago, together with artist Richard Molander, who among others has made the art cover of our upcoming debut album.

The band name was kind of simple I think, although I got some help from artist Tim Nordstedt, the person who was also responsible for drawing our logotype. I wanted it as simple as possible, so we fixed it in one minute or so. It came to life when we wrote our second track, which title also is Hordes of the Apocalypse. I wrote the lyrics with inspiration from Umberto Lenzi’s cult film “Nightmare City” and combined it with my own fantasies about an Apocalypse and a Zombie breakout. 

3.Would  you  guys  like  to  add  more  members  to  have  a  full  line up  or  do you   prefer to  work  as  a  two  piece band?


I don’t know if this project is meant for more people. As it seems now, it requires a huge mental activity and some juggling, which can easily be split if more offers on it. Me and Thomas has an identical approach in two different levels that make it float on in a way I never thought was possible. Thomas is the instrument and I'm the brain, so to speak.But I can’t speak for both of us. Thomas might have a different view of it?


As for now I write the main bulk of the music while Greigh covers the lyrics and concepts. The interesting part to the song writing though is that nothing I write would have sounded the way it does without the inputs from Greigh. As adding other people it is not very likely. We have a very hard work regime that few probably would be able to keep up with and stay sane.  

4.Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse   is  getting  ready to  release  their  self-titled  debut  how   long  did  it  take  to  write  the  music  for  this  release? For  the  readers  who  haven't  had  the  chance  to  hear  your  music  how would  you  best  describe    Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse   style?


It actually have a title, it goes under “Now they’re everywhere! There is no Escape”, that title appears as a quote from "City of the Walking Dead " which is an alternative title items of Umberto Lenzi 's “Nightmare City”. Anyway, we wrote everything, recorded and produced it in a time of two weeks. When I scroll through my documents I can see that we began the first track in Dec 3th, and the very last piece was finished in Dec 18th.

Hordes of the Apocalypse is a mix between every genre we like. It has a catchy D-beat touch with influences of Crust, Hardcore, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal, you can also hear some Progressive stuff in it, and some references from movie soundtracks as well.


I get a kick out of the ”no fear” approach we have when we get busy. This anarchistic way to go about is very satisfying. We are not holding back anything.   

5.When  will   the  debut  be  ready  for  the  fans  and  listeners  to  download  the  release?  Where  can  the fans  get  it   from?


It will be out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and about 30 other streaming services just in time for new years eve. There will be no trouble to hear it for anyone. After, we will have later on a physical release but that is still under discussion. 

6.I believe   Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse    just   made  a  video  for  the  song  Seventh Avenue.How  long  did  it  take  you  guys  to   make  this  video?

Greigh: When I wrote lyrics I can imagine a picture or a video in front of me. So when I work with a track I do also have a video stuck in mind. It took me between 45-60 minutes to come up with the video for Seventh Avenue. I borrowed sequences from some of my favorite movies; giallo-classics and Srdjan Spasojevic’s “A Serbian Film”. The whole idea was to create something you’ve never seen in Giallo-terms before; Necrophilia

7.Thomas  I  believe  you  started  out  in  the  underground  scene  with your  band  Damnation  Army   how  long  was  this  band  active? Is their  any  releases  or  merchandise  still available  for the  readers?


My last album was out 2009 I think and since then I have been rather quite. I would say it is still active in it’s absence, ironically, but I never laid if off. But at the same time I can’t promise another release, even if I have had one in mind throughout all these years passed.   

8.Thomas   I  know  you  dropped  out  of the  metal  underground  for  a few  years.What  made  you  decide to  get  out  of the  scene  for those  years?When  did you  decide to  return ?


I got in a long running relationship with a girl, who also had a child, so many personal interests of mine fell off, kind off, because of many hardships with things that needed to be solved. It’s a long story and a more or less a fog now. But my relationship ended a year ago so as soon as it did I went back like I had it before. I continued just where I left off. My single life before was only around training, music and movies. Today it is back to that, just like I want it. No complaints, no regrets. I have to say that I owe some credit to my good friend Filip from the band Rave the Reqviem. I did a remix for a song of his called ”The Ascension”. It really sparked my metal interest again. To get back doing something official again .  

9. In your   opinions   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the underground  metal scene today? And  what  does the  term  Underground  metal  mean  to  you?


I really have to find out again Patrick! My absence has left me clueless about todays scene. Hopefully it is the same as 15 years ago but I highly doubt that! Underground to me hints the fact that there is a more free approach to the music and how it is distributed. A sense of true passion for the music and less concern about ”making it”.

I don’t know if I find anything negative with the underground scene, not more than 90% of the music is unlistenable and consists of comprehensive shit. But this has probably always been so, I suppose? The most positive thing is that the music has become more understood and got the possibility to standing at the center. It’s not as elitist and extreme as, let me say, in the 80's and 90's.   I think the Underground scene has a greater importance nowadays. Now you can even make money on that crap.  And oh, don’t misunderstand me, I like underground, but I have not really understood the concept; Is it more or less unique than anything else?  

10.Besides  the  band  I  believe you two  are  big  movie  fans. What  are  some  of your  all-time favorite movies?  Are their  any  new  movies  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

Greigh: This is a question I get all the time. I'm pretty tired of it , so I say as usual : It's enormously difficult to express myself about some films. I like to constantly discover new films , even if the old Italian giallos and zombie / cannibal flicks is what I grew up with. 


I have a very broad interested in movies but I do tend to focus on horror and exploitation films. Directors like Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Jean Rollin are some of my favorites. The films that got me hooked were Zombie 2, The Beyond, Suspiria, Lisa and the Devil, Demons, Texas Chainsaw Massacre… These are very obvious films but if you want me to go deeper we will have to spend the entire interview speaking about this because it will never end. 

11.In  your  opinion's   what  makes  a  good  movie?Who  are  some  of your  favorite  actors  and  actresses?


It’s all about a good plot, with an able and clever director and some cool layout and special-effects, of course with traditional and handmade effects. I also like psychological twists where the brain must be involved and thinking, drama-stuff is my thing. No brain-dead Hollywood nonsense, even if I can appreciate that sometimes when I am on a low standard level. But among the twists I talked about, it may well also contain vomit, faeces, urination, necromancy, pedophilia and all that obscure imaginable. I'm bad at following specific actors and actresses , so I leave that question to Thomas .


For me its all about vibes and something that speaks to me. Something I can relate to or just some atmosphere that totally enthralls me. I seldom care about the story, I go for the feeling I get. To be hooked on certain scenes or to just emerge in a movies world. It can be a very personal experience. One less obvious film I can mention that really gets me like that is Fade to Black. For me it doesn't become a movie, it become something more than that. It comes to life. Now that’s interesting.  

12. Hordes  Of   The  Apocalypse   comes  out  of the   Swedish  metal  scene.What  is  your  opinion  of  the  Swedish  metal  scene?


Believe it or not but I almost don’t listen to music. It has been like that for the last 10 years or so. I don’t follow what happens so I can’t say. So as for the scene I can only speak for how it was back then.


It's like a bag of mixed candy. You can always find something that is sour, sweet, salty or bitter, no matter who mixes it. It works that way, even with music in general. There are breadcrumbs and then there are fermented herring. I like when tones are swinging, those tones that press against the chest. The new wave of Swedish Death Metal is sovereign; bands in style with Entrails, Torture Division, Blood Mortized etc . But if there’s something I would tread down the foot for, it’s Metalcore and Eurovision Metal. I have never understood that type of genre at all.  

13.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  Swedish  bands?  Are their   any  new  bands  you  feel  the   readers  should  check  out?

Greigh: I would like to say; Tribulation, Repugnant, Birdflesh, Nifelheim, Mordant, Entrails, Morbid Insulter, The Third Eye Rapists, Zobibor and some hundreds more. I’ve to many favorites from the Swedish scene.

But one new band I would tips you about would be Total Inferno. Recently they released their debut album ”The Return of Evil Chaos” via Pure Metal Records, it’s just as catchy as our debut.


I grew up with the mid 90’s black death metal scene in Sweden so that’s what still sticks in my mind. As for new bands I can’t say.  

14.When   not   working  on  the  band's  music  what  do  you  guys  enjoy   doing  in your  free  time?


Training, especially calisthenics and running is a big part of my everyday life. Playing, composing music. Investing time in movies, not just as entertainment but to learn and dig deeper in that wide realm. Doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. I do love to have my movie night routines with friends too.


Is there time for that? When? Haha, nah that was silly of me. But sometimes it feels that way , in that I have a full time job at the side of the magazine and the band. I also have a family to hang out with, a fiancee and a son. It's basically my only recreation. And watch movies, listen to music and play games of course. But in general I'm not a person who likes to socialize with people.  

15.Thank  you  Thomas and  Greigh   for   taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview   out.Good  luck  with  the band  do  you  all  have   any  final  words  for  the  readers?


Thank you, Patrick, for taking the time! Please check out our album and emerge yourself in its chaos.


One does not want to reveal too much about the future, but we have been talking about recording a split EP together with Total Inferno. The guys seem to be interested, so we'll see what happens.Thank you for the interview, hope you will be happy with the end result of what one can throw away in two weeks of creative boredom. Nah, It wasn’t that horrible - quite the contrary, because I love our energy in Hordes of the Apocalypse. I like to work with Thomas, It’s a life of inspiration for me. Thanks.

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Interview with Texas Trench Warfare done by Patrick on 12-28-15

Here  is  a   new  interview   with  the  Texas  blackend death  band   Trench Warfare   talking  about their  debut  demo  and  their  upcoming  releases  and  the   Texas  scene.

Interview   with   Trench Warfare   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  how  are  things  going  for  you  and the  band?When  did  you first  meet  the  other  members  of the  band?Where did  you  all  get  the   idea  for  the  name  for  the  band?

Jay:  Cheers and hails! Life is well, and the band is marching ahead with violent intent! I’ve known our bassist, Kelly Bogues (aka Bogus), for more than 10 years, and he introduced me to Tony about 5 years ago. Bogus and I had discussed working together for years, but nothing came together since we were always busy with life and our own projects. Tony and I had discussed Trench Warfare for quite some time, and we finally got together at the beginning of 2015 and got the ball rolling. We wanted a band and band name that seemed unique to us, and one that fit the war metal style we were in the process of creating.

Tony: Hails to you Patrick. Jay pretty much summed everything up. Trench Warfare initially was a solo project of mine under the name Plague Swarm. Upon Bogus introducing me and Jay we discovered similar taste in metal and sought to create a violent barrage of music thus Plague Swarm became Trench Warfare.

2.What   is  the  current  line  up  of    Trench Warfare? For  the  readers  who  have  not  heard   Trench Warfare's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

Tony: The current line up for Trench Warfare is: Jay on vocals, Bogues on Bass, myself on guitars, and we recently acquired Lee Fisher for drums. As for our a description of our music the typical metal adjectives applies, fast, evil, loud. I find it easier to describe our music in terms of style in influences. We have a vast array of influences stemming from older Florida Death Metal legends, Deicide, Morbid Angel, and onto the bestial black metal bands such as Conqueror, Blasphemy, Proclamation, etc.

Jay: Tony writes the songs and is our guitarist, and Bogus had a brief hiatus from the band during our first split, but he recorded on our demo. Tony wrote the drum machine parts for both our demo and our debut split, and he played bass on that split. Our next batch of songs will include the drumming of Lee Fisher, an incredible drummer who has played with Commit Suicide, Psyopus and with Dan Lilker in Overlord Exterminator. He is also working with Erik Burke who has played with Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Nuclear Assault.

3.Trench Warfare    has  released  their  debut  demo  "Perversion Warfare"  how  long  did  it  take  the band  to  write  and  record  the  music  on  this  release?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  writing  the  music  or  does  one   member   usually  write  everything?

Jay: The writing and recording for our demo was a relatively quick process. We hit it hard and dedicated ourselves to the process, and we are pleased with the outcome. Like I said, Tony is the primary song writer, and he has crafted our material to this point. Our band, in a sense, was the evolution of his one-man project Plague Swarm. I am in the process of writing the lyrics for our next batch of songs

4.Does  the band  have  any  copies  of the demo  left  for  sale?If  yes  where  can  the  readers  buy  it  from?Besides  the  debut  demo  does  the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  fans?
Jay: Yes. Copies of our demo are available for purchase via our band camp page:, at which location a digital version of the demo is also available. We also have shirts that will be available in a matter of weeks if not days. 

5.Has  the  band   started  writing  new  music and  songs  for the  next  demo  or  possibly  a  full-length? If  yes   any  idea  when  new  music  might  be  available  from    Trench Warfare ?

Tony: We just completed recording three new tracks for an upcoming split lp " Of Vultures and Vermin" alongside Sturmtiger, Formulus, and Lugubrious Descent. The guy arranging the split, George Stewart of Abysmal, (Florida) is putting together the split. The other bands are completing their recording sessions so more than likely the lp will see a spring early summer release.

Jay: The split we have finished is entitled “Of Vultures and Vermin,” an upcoming 4-way split including Sturmtiger (UK), Formulus (Alabama) and Lugubrious Descent (Florida) that will be released via Surrealistic Fatality Releases. Our material for this split consists of three songs, as well as an intro and an outro. There is no set release date, but it will be in the early part of 2016. We have already begun writing new songs that will blow everything we’ve done to this point out of the water. We don’t have any immediate plans for a full-length, but yes, that’s what we are working toward.

6.Does   Trench Warfare   get  to   play  very  many  "Live"  shows  or  do you   all  prefer  to  work  in  the  studio?What   have  been  some  of your   most  memorable shows  so  far?

Tony: We have not played in live shows as of yet. Main reason being a lack of suitable drummers, thus the use of a drum machine for our demo and upcoming split. I've known bands to use drum machines when playing live but as for us we would rather have a human, (inhuman monster drummer haha) drummer for a more natural feel.

Jay: We have been a recording band up to this point, but yes, we will be performing live in due time.
7.Are  their  any  shows  or  small tours  planned  for  2016  if  yes  where  are  some  places  the  band  will  be   playing?

Tony: We have plenty of plans for 2016 to include another split album.

Jay: We will announce shows and mini tours when the time is right.
8.What  does  Underground  Metal   mean  to you ?

Tony: Underground Metal is the very antithesis of all that is trendy and acceptable. There is more creative control in the underground that of which you will not hear above the surface. Speaking for myself ive always found bands to be the best during their demo days. The other day I was listening to Amputation (pre immortal) and their two demos totally blew later day immortal releases out of the water imo.

Underground Metal is a community of die hards that live, breath, shit, and then again eat Metal.

 Jay: Underground metal is a way of life. It’s about walking your own path and being a strong individual. And on a strictly musical level, it’s the best soundtrack I can think of for both the good and bad times in life.

9. Trench Warfare    comes  out  of the  Texas  death/black  metal  scene.What  is your  opinion  of  the  Texas  metal  scene?

Jay: The Texas metal scene seems to be in good health, as is the case with the Texas death/black metal scene, more specifically. We are proud to be a war metal band from the great state of Texas.

Tony: Texas has always had its fair share of great bands past, and present such as the almighty Necrovore, Thornspawn, Nyogthaeblisz, Obesiance, Satanik Goat Ritual

10.Who   are  your  all-time  favorite  Texas  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out   for?Jay: Texas has had, past and present, many great metal and crossover bands including Pantera, Solitude Aeturnus, Rigor Mortis, Kill the Client, PLF, Destroyer of Light, Watchtower, The Dead See, Pumpjack, D.R.I.. Dead Horse, Devourment, A.N.S. and Verbal Abuse.
If we focus the lens more upon death and black metal, there are, and have been, many fantastic bands like Absu, Averse Sefira, Necrovore, Imprecation, Obeisance, Satanik Goat Ritual and Plutonian Shore. There’s a new band called Condemner that has really caught my attention.

Tony: The same bands mentioned in the last question
11.Besides    Trench Warfare   are  any  of  the  members  currently  working  with  other  bands? If  yes  can  you  please  tell the  readers  about  them?

Tony: Trench Warfare has been a vision of mine every since I picked up a guitar back when I was 15, over 20 years ago. Yes im an old fart. I've played drums in a couple of punk bands that have long passed, but Trench Warfare has been my only band as of present times. Our bass player Bogues plays in an industrial black metal act, Zogthorgven.

Jay: I’m in a band called Kanye East. In spite of the silly name, it ranges from grind-influenced music to doom. The band name was chosen partly to make fun of the “brutal” named local bands that were lame. Bogus is in a band called Zogthorgven right now. I’d also like to make mention of the ambient/electronic project Static of Masses that is driven by H.H. Holmes, Trench Warfare’s friend and producer.

12.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  you   have   any  final   comments  for  the  readers?

Tony: Thank you again for the interview Patrick and your interest in Trench Warfare and thanks to everyone else, in advance for checking out Trench Warfare Hails and Cheers!

Jay: Please check out our Facebook page to keep up with all things Trench Warfare: There will be new music, splits, merch and madness in the new year. We are here to create violent music, and we will do so until our last breath.

Few new reviews done on 12-28-15 done by Patrick

Here  is  the  last  batch  of  reviews  for  2015   hope  you  all  will  find  some  metal   to  your   liking?  And  be  sure  to  keep  checking  the  Primitive  Ways web-zine  as  I   have  a lot  of  new  reviews  and  interviews  planned  for  next  year.
Regards  and  have  a great  new  years 

Endless Recovery--Revel  In  Demise   cd  {Witches  Brew Rec.}
 Greece's  Endless Recovery   released  a  two  song  E.P  through  Witches Brew  in  2014.The  band  recently  just  released  their   second  full-length   cd  Revel  In  Demise   and  if you  enjoyed  the  7Inch  then  defintly   pick  the  new cd  up  today   featuring  ten  tracks   of  straight  forward   thrashing  violence.With crazed  and  fast  played  guitars  with  some  extremely  well played  guitar  parts  and  a few  solo's   mixed  in  the  songs.The  drumming  is   played  very  fast  with  a  few  mid paced  drum  patterns  mixed  in  and  some  very  well  played  drum  patterns  before  going  full  speed.If  you  are  a  fan  of   Endless Recovery  then  defintly    do yourself  a  favor  and  buy  this  today  and  if you   have  never  heard  the  bands  music  and you  are  a  fan  of  well  written  and  played   thrash  metal then  check  this  band  out  today.
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Istidraj--Muerte  Mundi  Militia   cassette   {Iron  Country Rec/NeverHeard  distro}
This   is  my  first  encounter  with  this  Singapore  black  metal  band  Istidraj with  their  fourth  full-length  to date.Istidraj  know  how to  write  and  execute  violent  black metal at  it's  finest.The  drumming  is  in  top  form  with  blasting  beats  that  go  full force  blast  beats  but  do  slow  to  a   more  controlled  mid paced  range.The  guitars  are  done  with  a  mix  of  high  speed  riffs  and  more  controlled  well  played  mid  paced  guitar  patterns.The  vocals  are   harsh  black  metal  screams  with  some  growls  mixed  in  a few   of the   songs.If  you  are  a  fan  of  vicious  blackend  death  metal  then  be  sure to  pick  a  copy  of this  release  today.
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Seraphic  Disgust--Altarcunt  cassette  {P-18  Records/Never  heard  distro}
California's  Seraphic  Disgust    have  unleashed  their  debut full length  containing  eight  songs  of  of  raw  and  vicious  black/death  metal  with  a lot  of  war  metal  influences.But  the   band  is  not  all  violence  as  their  are  a few  moments   of  somber  music  before  going  all out  with  the  violent  war  blackend death   metal.The  vocals  are a  good  mix  of  harsh  death  metal  growls  and  early  blackend  screams.If you  enjoy  raw,old-school  black/death  metal  then   defintly   pick  up  a  copy  of  this  release  today
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                                                                                  Official  distro