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Interview with Decayed done by Patrick on 5-16-15

Metal  regards
Here  is  a   new  interview  with   Portugal's Decayed  that   have  been  releasing  music  since  the  early  1990's   and  their   newest  cd  "Into The Depths Of Hell"  was   just  released  by  "Hell Prod."  and  is  a great  mix  of  old-school  Black  metal with touches  of death  metal  for  all the  fanatics  into  this  style.

Interview  with  J.A  guitarist  for   Decayed   done  by    Patrick

1.Hello  J.A.     how  are  things  in  Portugal going? When  did you  first  discover  metal   music?Who  were  some  of the  first bands you   listened to? Who  are some  of your  current  favourites?
JA - Hello Patrick and everyone reading this. Things in Portugal could be a lot better. I discovered Metal music back in 1980 but it wasn't till 1986 that I really started listening to it all day long. I discovered all those amazing bands through radio shows that we had back then. I don't remember the first bands I listened to, but the usual back then: AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Venom, Bathory... My favourite band since 1986 has been Venom, the gods of Metal! I mainly listen to the releases done in the 80's, those were the days.
2.You  formed   Decayed  in  1990  when  did you  get  the   idea  to  form  this  band?How  did you  come  up  with  the  name  of  the   band?
JA - The idea came in an afternoon of booze with a friend who wanted to start a band with me. He bought a guitar in June 1990 and we immediately started composing some songs. In September we got a drummer and a bass player (both our friends), started rehearsing with me on vocals and then in October we got a proper vocalist (also a friend). The name of the band I took from the Venom song "Senile Decay".
  3.What  is  the  current   line-up  of   Decayed? For  the  readers  who  may  have   never  heard your  band's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?
JA - Now we have 2 different line ups. For studio we are myself on guitars and vocals, Vulturius on vocals and bass, Tormentor on drums. But live we have been playing with Nocturnus Horrendus on drums. I describe our music as old school Black Metal in the vein of Venom and Bathory.
4.Decayed   is  signed  to the  label   Hell  did you  come  in   contact   with  this  label?
JA - We have been friends for many years and they had already released a tape of ours back in 2000. I wanted to release the album as soon as possible and they were the only ones who could do that. 
5.The  new  cd   "Into The  Depths Of Hell"  was  recently  released  how  long  did it  take  the  band to  write  and record  the  songs  on the   new  cd? Does  the   whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one member   usually  write  everything?
JA - This new CD has songs written since 2009 to 2014. On this album I decided to use old songs that never made it to an album but that I thought of as good songs. The actual recording started in March 2014 and ended in February 2015. Usually it's me that writes all the material. And since I started to compose at home alone (lack of rehearsals) all the songs have been composed by me. 
6.Who  usually  takes  care  of  the   lyrics  for   the  band. Where  do you  all  draw  inspiration  for  the  lyrics?
JA - I also write most of the lyrics. It's been some years that I asked someone to write for Decayed. I take my inspiration from life in general, the lack of honour in these days. I also take some inspiration from books that I read or some movies that I watch. 
7.Besides  the  new  cd   "Into The  Depths Of Hell"  does  the   band  currently   have   any  other   merchandise  available  for  the  readers?Where  can  the  fans  find  your  releases/merch?
JA - We have an extensive list of material available, too many to list here. If some Metalhead is interested just send me an e-mail and I'll send the available merchandising. You can contact me at: 
8.Does   Decayed  play  "live"  shows  very  often  or  do you   prefer the  studio?What  have   been some  of your   most   memorable  shows to  date?
JA - We used to be a very active band live, but since 2010 we haven't played that much live. Usually, 2 or 3 gigs each year since 2011. I don't think we can compare the feeling of playing live with the work in studio, it's like compare fire and watter. I enjoy both very much, as much as I enjoy rehearsals. This is the unholy trinity of a band: rehearsals, live and studio and I enjoy them all. Live you can feed on the energy of those going berserk with the sonic blasphemy. In studio one can experiment a lot and I enjoy that. As for memorable shows, we had quite a few in our 25 years so I really can't recall a special one. 
9.Are their  any tours  planned for  this  year? If  yes  where  are some   places you  all  will    play?
JA - So far we only have a gig at the Under The Black Sun in Germany (04/07). We're trying to put together a gig in Lisbon (Portugal) to celebrate these 25 years and then in January 2016 we'll be playing at a fest in Portugal in Mangualde. 
10.  Decayed   comes   out  of  Portugal's  metal  scene  what  is your   opinion  of  the  metal  scene  in  Portugal?
 JA - I couldn't care less about the scene in Portugal. Far too many backstabbers and thieves! I do appreciate the music of some bands and I am friends with some of the musicians who are part of this scene, but I had far to many disappointments to be bothered with what's going on.
11.Who  are  some   of your  all-time   favorite  Portugese  bands?  Are their   any  new   bands you  feel   the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
JA - My favourite Portuguese band has always been Brain Dead. They were a Thrash Metal band but sadly they only released 2 demos. V12 are also one of my all time fave. You should check Inquisitor if you're into old school Thrash. Perpretator is also cool in that vein. In these days and age, with a PC you can find out more than I can tell you here. 
12.Besides    Decayed   you  are  also  the  sole  member  of  Hoth  which  you  formed in  1988. What gave you  the  idea  to  form  this  band? How  did you  come up  with the  name  for this  band/project?  Has  it   always   been  a  one  man  band  or  have  you  searched  for  other  members to   join?
JA - When I started to think about Hoth I wanted to combine some sort of dark Metal with keyboards, something that wasn't that common back then. The name I took from Tolkien's works. It has always been a one man band, but on the last album (out now!!!) I invited Marco (who also did the lead guitars on the 2 last Decayed albums) to help me out on leads. 
13.You  are  getting  ready  to  release the  new  cd   "The Black  Goddess Returns"  through   Iron Blood  And Death  rec.  how  did you  come  in  contact  with  this  label?
JA - The CD is already out! They had released a compilation CD of Decayed a couple of years ago and I thought of contacting them to see if they were interested and they loved the album, so here it is for you to bang your head! 
14.J.A   you   have   been  in  the  metalk  scene  since the  mid  1980's  were  you  ever  a  tape-trader  ?did you  ever  do  a  fanzine or  a web-zine? If  yes  please  tell the  readers  about  them?
JA - Yes I was a very active tape trader back then, I traded tapes with people from all over the world. I worked for a zine called Nuclear Mosh which at some point I think was the biggest zine in Portugal. They dealt with all sorts of Metal and beyond. I also did a zine on my own with the guys of Decayed, back in 1993 called Impious. This one was more focused on the darker side of Metal and we only did one issue. After that I also worked for the final issue of one Lost Kingdom that was mainly Death and Black Metal.
15.What  do  you  feel  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  metal  scene  today?And  what  does  the  term  underground  metal   mean to  you?
JA - The best thing is that there are still good bands releasing good music. Also now, with the internet it's a lot easier to resolve any problem in a question of seconds. The worst is that any ass-hole with a computer can writte whatever he wants about anything and everything without the least basic knowledge of what he is writing about. Underground means to me: we like what we do and we do what we like! Bow to no one!
16.Besides  working  om  music  what  do  you  enjoy  doing in  your  free time?
JA - Reading, watching movies, hanging out with some friends, drink a few beers, listen to Music... that's basically it. 
17.Thank  you  J.A   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  out   this  interview  do  you   have   any  final  words  for  the   readers?
JA - Thank you Patrick for the support towards Decayed, I apreciate that Metal Brother! If anyone is interested in Decayed or any of my projects, feel free to contact me. All the best and Keep It Metal! 

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Interview with Concieved By Hate done by Patrick on 5-6-15

El  Salvador's   Conceieved  by  Hate  have  released  a  great  split  cd  with   Akheron  released  through   the   mighty   Morbid  Skull  {which  is  also  owned  and  operated  by  the  man   Jorge  Montesino  so  do yourself  if your  a  fan  of  death/thrashing  metal  then  deffintly  check  out  this  band's  split cd  and  other  releases  today.

Interview  with   Jorge Montesino   vocals and  guitars    for  Concieved  By  Hate  and  owner  of  Morbid Skull Records  done  by   Patrick

1.Metal Hails  Jorge  how  are  things  going  for  you this  week? When  did you  first  discover  metal  music? 

Hey Patrick thanks a lot for this interview, I am doing good, very busy recording new material for my bands and also a lot of stuff going on with the label. Well I quite not remember clearly but it was on early age maybe when I was like 10 or 12 years old, I remember I visited my grandmother and in that house lived one of my cousins that is like 10 years older than me, so I remember I grabbed some of the dubbed tapes and listen to them, I was attracted by the logo designes. Also I remember my parents and grandmother listen to The Beatles, Metallica Ballads, Queen and stuff like that, I think those situations were the first contact with heavy metal music in my life.

2.The  band  was  created  in  2002  what  gave you  all the  idea to  start  the  band? How  did you all choose the  name    Conceived  By  Hate? What  is  the  current  line up  for the  band?

Well I had a previuous band called DISORDER that I put on rest on 2002 and since I already had ideas for new songs inmediately I started to compose for a new band that I originally wanted to call SPIRITUAL DEMISE but the name was not shared by some members so I had to agreed to change it to CONCEIVED BY HATE but at the end it makes some sense since most of the old stuff was rooted in hatred, I think the other guitarrist was the one that came out with the name. The current line up is as follows:

Morbid – guitars/vocals
Hellbastard – vocals
Tulio – Keyboard
Carlos – Bass
Iosif – Drums
Rene - Guitars

3.How  would  you  say   Concieved  By  Hate's  music  has  changed  over  the  years? Who  are  some  of the  bands  influences?

Well I liked the idea of not evolve but devolve and going backwards to the root of this music, maybe the music now is not so complex as at the beginning talking about riff structure but is always death/thrash. One thing I can say is that as persons every member did change for good or bad. I may not talked about influences but musical preferences, I can speak only for myself, in my case I always come back to bands like DISSECTION, DECEASED, ENTOMBED, BATHORY, DISMEMBER, etc. and bands alike, there is a good amount of new bands coming out with the same feeling which I also follow, I think this is a good era for Extreme Metal in general the morbid vibes are coming out ones again stronger as before maybe. 

4. Concieved  By  Hate   is  getting  ready to  release  a  split  cd  with  Akheron through  Morbid Skull Rec.  how  long  did  it  take  the  band to  write the  music  on  the  split cd?

I decided to include 4 tracks on this release, 3 new songs and 1 cover which is DISSECTION's “Thorns Of Crimson Death”, one of the songs was written by the bass player so I am not sure how long did he take but on my case “Hypocritical Sense Of Ego” was written around 2011 like in 2 or 3 weeks but it was never included in a release until now, the other song I wrote was “Embrace The Absurd” which I think was ready in 1 week or something and was written in 2013. 

5.Does the  whole  band take  part  in the  writing  process  or  is  it  usually  one  member who  writes  everything? Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics for the   band what  are  some  topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?

I have always written almost all the music, when I have the complete songs with riffs and tempos then I send the music to the other members so they learn it and put the arrangements related to their instruments, on this point lets say everybody put their style on playing their thing but following the main idea, some lead guitars are written by me and another ones by the other guitarrist. Regarding the lyrics I always write all the stuff in some cases if the song is written but another member they have an idea or concept about the lyrics I take that concept and create the phrasing and lyrics. Since we do not see each other too much for me is easier to compose alone, I am used to do it that way so I really enjoy it. The topics/subjects depends on the mood when composing the music, some stuff are personal points of views of social things or local reality, I always liked to right stuff with evil nerved but I always hold it out of the band because I felt it was not shared by all members but things will change from now on, actually that is the reason I also reactivated my old band DISORDER (thrash/black/death) and created a new band MORBID STENCH (death) to be able to play and talk about stuff I liked but sometimes is not shared by all.

6.Has   Concieved  By  Hate    started  working  on  new  songs for  the  next  release? Will  it  be another  split  cd  or   possibly  a  full-length?

Of corpse!!! I am always working and saving riffs, I usually do this for a period and then when I have enough time I start arranging the stuff and creating the complete songs, so far I am also working on 2 full-lenght albums, one for DISORDER and another for MORBID STENCH but I have like 4 complete songs for CONCEIVED BY HATE and I plan to finish recordings at least for all guitars and bass by this year, I really like short songs albums (8 to 9 songs) so lets say I have almost 50% ready haha, so yes! I hope that the second full-lenght is at least ready this year and released on early 2016.  

7.Does    Concieved  By  Hate   play  live  very  often?What  have  been  some  of your  most  memorable  shows  so  far?

Yes, in the last years we have been very active playing locally in order to promote music and get funds by selling merch, our country is small and there are not many places or shows from which you can choose but we have been playing like 1 or 2 shows per month lately. Regarding a memorable show I really do not have any that comes to mind first, I think all have been good. 

8.Are  their  any  tours  or  shows  planned  for  2015?  If  you  could  set up a  dream  tour/show  who  are  some bands{past or  present}  you  would  like to  share the  stage  with?

I am working on touring europe but I will have to setup a live line-up to do this since matching 6 schedulers its quite difficult, I mean we are 6 members with different lives and seems difficult for all to have the same intervals of free time or vacations so I am working on this, there are some oportunities but still working on them. A dream tour/shows for me would be with bands like DISSECTION, DECEASED, ASPHYX, ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER. 

9.In  your   opinion  what  is the  best and  worst  thing  about  the Metal Underground  scene  today? And  what  does the   term  Underground Metal  mean  to you?

I am not the best person to judge the whole metal underground scene but what comes to my mind is that a good thing of today is that with Internet there are almost no bounderies to promote your music or to get in touch with other bands or scenes from places 20 years ago you wont imagine, this is a good thing in both cases as a fan or as a musician, on the other hand I think that Internet has made the things easier so now the love for music maybe is not valorated much as before because it is no longer hard to get it, I mean you can listen 1 song of a band today and 24 hours you may be able to download the whole discography and then if you want you delete it for no money so I think this has killed the passion and romance it was present in the past but its like all, not all is perfect, you get something good but also something bad at the same time. In my humble opinion underground metal its something made from the heart, honest and without thinking if will like it or not to others, its something real and done by the love of this music, it does not have to be necessarily related to unknown bands or underrated bandsor to be succesful to make money or not from this music, most metal bands I think do not make a living out of this music but there are some that are still undeground and very real about this music that became succesful. 

10. Concieved  By  Hate   comes   out  of  EL Salvador's  metal scene  what  is  your   opinion  of   EL Salvador's  metal  scene? 

This is a complicated question for me since I cannot judge anyone, I think I am just focused on my shit and thats it I try not to look around on what others are doing but I will try to answer this question, I think as I told in previous question with Internet it is more easy to get in touch with this kind of music so there could be more bands and/or metalheads but I think the air is lacking of passion, as I said I am no one to judge it but this is the first thing that came to my mind.

11.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite   El Salvadorian  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

I do not have any, I mean there is no local band that had or has influenced me on doing this so I do not have any favorite by now. 

12.Besides   Concieved  By  Hate   are you   or  any  of the  members   currently   working  with   other  bands  or  solo  projects?

Yes, since I felt some things will not work good with Conceived By Hate and reactived my first old band called DISORDER which is a combination of mostly thrash riffs, it was put on hold in 2002 and reactivated as an studio project in 2011 joining forces with Hellbastard on vocals and Iosif helped as session drummer, I put out a single on 2013 and a full-lenght called “En El Rio del Olvido” on 2014 both out on my label MORBID SKULL RECORDS, currently I am recording the next full-lenght for this band. Also I am working in another band called MORBID STENCH which is pure dense fucking death metal, on this one I am also working on the guitars and bass with Iosif on drums and a good friend from Costa Rica “The Master Butcher”  (INSEPULTO, NECROGOD, etc..), currently I am recording the tracks for the debut album that I hope to have it released this year.

13.Other than  working  with   Concieved  By  Hate    you  are  also  the  owner  of  Morbid Skulls Records. when  did you get  the  idea  to  start a  label? Do  you  work  on  everything yourself  or do you  have  some  help?

It was something not planned, I think started it seriously around late 2012 and finally I think got my logo and dedicated address on 2013 and starting to deal with bigger labels, it is not like I just wanted to have a label it was the only way to promote more seriously my bands so lets say it was my logic way to go instead of waiting for others to help my bands i just did it my self and my way. In relation with the administrative things or operations I do it all by myself, its fucking difficult sometimes to get all done quickly but I am working on distributing better my time to manage it better. As I said currently I just edit my bands productions because of the costs and hard work that has to be done to move the stuff, I am not the guy that lays down to wait until others do the job, I really like to do it my self and put always my best effort in all. 

14.What   have you  released  on  Morbid Skulls Records  so  far?  is this  just  a  label  for your bands or  have you released  other  bands as  well?

 I have release officialy the following items:

CONCEIVED BY HATE “Selective Procreations” 7” Split Vinyl with NUCLEAR (Chile) 2013
CONCEIVED BY HATE “Below The Deck Of Opulence” 12” Split Vinyl with DECEASED (USA) 2014
CONCEIVED BY HATE “Coalition Of Death” CD Split with AKHERON (Colombia) 2015
DISORDER “En El Rio Del Olvido” CD full-lenght 2014

Yes man this is just for my bands so far, it is not that I do not want to help other bands but I am not making profit out of it so budget is not infinite, if there is another band that I like and have the right attitude then I may think about it but its hard.

15.What  do  you   look for  when  signing and releasing  a  band?  What  are some  of the  upcoming  releases for   Morbid Skulls Records?

If I would sign or edit something for a band I need the right attitude on this, I mean I am not rich and I am not and will surely not make money out of all this, I do it because I like it and I need it as breathing so the band needs to understand this and support the label to make the best results but sometimes there are egocentric bands that think they are the best stuff ever and that I will be rich by editing the stuff so they start asking money or a lot of copies, on those cases I always say I am not the label for them and wish them good luck. The upcoming releases I have are as follow:

CONCEIVED BY HATE “Coalition Of Death” (Limited Vinyl Edition)
CONCEIVED BY HATE (new full-lenght)
DISORDER (new full-lenght)
MORBID STENCH (debut album)

16.Thank  you     Jorge   for  taking the  time  to  fill  out   this  interview  do  you   have  any  final  comments for  the   readers?

Thanks a lot to you Patrick for the interest on doing this interview and also to the readers, I wish you all the best.

                                             Band    Contact 

                                               Label  Contact

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Interview with Sandra owner and D.J for Castle Blakk Radio done by Patrick on 4-30-15

Metal  Hails!!
Here  is  a  new  interview   with  Sandra  who  own's/run  the  radio-station   "Castle  Blakk Radio"  Any  metal,rock  etc..  bands,fans  etc.. should  check  it  out  today.

Interview   with  Sandra  N.   owner and  D.J  for  Castle  Blakk   Radio    done  by   Patrick

1. Hello  Sandra   how  is   life  treating  you  these days? When  did you  first  get  into  rock and  metal? 

 Life is great! Enjoying myself :) I've always loved music, but I'd have to say early seventies. (showing my age lol)
First major concert was Goose Lake International Music Festival, attendance was 200,000 ppl! held August 7–9, 1970 right here
in Jackson, Michigan.

2. Who  are your  all-time  favorite   bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel   the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

 All time fav's would have to be Classic's, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Saxon, & Trouble.
As for now, so many great bands, hard to name just a few. Bands to watch for me are  In-Defilade (US), Patrias (Serbia), A Sound of Thunder (US), Orcus (US), Threatpoint (US).

3. When did  you   become  interested  in  becoming  a  d.j?

About 6 yrs ago, a friend of mine asked me to come into a chatroom to say hello, ended up having fun and was asked to dj. Was  pretty scared my first show. Stage fright for sure lol

4. I believe you  started  Castle  Blakk  Radio  in the  beginning  of  2015. What  gave  you  the  idea to  start  your  own   station? How  did  you  come up  with the  name  Castle  Blakk?

 Actually Castle Blakk Radio was started in 2011, but put on hold after a few months, as I traveled to, and lived in Jordan, (yes, Middle East) for a year.  We decided in January, it was time to ressurect, restructure and bring experience to airwaves. I've never bragged about being a top Dj, but I do have experience in promotion and concerts via Michigan Deathfest and International Metalfest. (Aug 11th marks the 25th anniversary of Michigan Deathfest).
As for name, my friend started a recording studio named Castle Blak (1983), did some recordings for Lucifers Hammer and others. Then we decided to take our concert promotion a step further. We had been doing shows with my former company name Double M Productions, well known for Michigan Deathfest.  At this time we added the extra K, as to not interfere with band called Castle Blak, and continued doing shows as both companys.
Also we decided to keep the station non-profit, and only accept donations that go directly to our favorite charities, which are on main page of our site. Check them out, great ppl, that do great things.   -Rock Against Child Pornography & Abuse UK -Fuck Cancer

5. What  shows  do  you  currently  have   on  Castle  Blakk radio?

At this time, Jay B Metal (Station Mgr)  does 2 shows a week. He likes to play rare B-sides, and a good mix of underground and unsigned.
Jay also just did a live in store broadcast, from Danophonics in Downington, PA.
He will also be broadcasting live from the Wrecking Ball Festival in October, and is proudly sponsored by Castle  Blakk Radio.
Myself, I do 4, all different. Sundays show is more progressive, Wednesday is a mix of World Metal, Friday is band submissions and requests, and Saturday is Black Metal & Doom (my fav show)
We have a couple of new DJ's starting in the coming weeks ahead. 

6. Are  you  currently looking  for new  d.j's  to  join  the  station? What  are  some  things  you  look  for  when  hiring  a  new  d.j?

 Yes we are, being new to most people, getting the word out is crucial. Eric Wilcox our PR guy has been very busy spreading metal chaos.
We are not only looking for Dj's, we are also looking for more street team members.
Things I look at first is experience, and that meaning, actually knowing the music. Next would be personality, likeablity. We are pretty laid back, but professional and like to have fun at what we do.
I am always willing to train a new person, that are truely in it for the music. If interested just send email to get in touch at
If you want to join a winning team, you came to the right place.

7.What  styles  of  metal and rock  do you   play? Where  can  bands  and  labels   send you  their  material  to  be  played? Besides  metal and rock  do  you  play  any  other  styles of  music?

 We play hard rock, heavy metal, and metal. Each DJ's brings their own style shows. All different....
 Our "Sir Otto" plays whatever he feels like. Never know what he's going to play. Could be folk, could be classic metal, could be black, never know. (NO HIP HOP or RAP.)

8.Sandra  you   live   in  the  great  state  of  Michigan what   is  the  scene  like  in   your  city  and  state?

The city I live in is fairly small, but have some very good bands. Elude Ferra and Hibernal are a couple. (Too many hip hop bands lol.)
I'd say the best scene is in Lansing.
bands can send submissions to:
clearly tagged Mp3's, with band name and song name.
Band submissions stay in rotation after airplay.

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  bands from     Michigan ? Are  there any   new  bands  you  feel  the   readers  should  check  out  soon?

If I don't say Lucifers Hammer, I'm in trouble lol, also Summon, Genocya, Exploding Zombies, Nocturnal Fear are just a few. As far as new ones, they need to send in music.

10.In  your   opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene  today? And  what  does  the  term  Underground  metal  mean  to  you?

Best thing is there are still bands around that have endured the bullshit, like Broken Hope. 
Worst thing is the lack of respect from promoters, not all, but a lot of them , don't know how to treat ppl in general.
The underground today is nothing like in the old days, when word of mouth brought 1000's. Everyone was looking for a gathering of friends with same thing in mind, METAL! 
Now it seems like a battle of who has the biggest heads and the least amount of talent.

11.Besides  working  on  the  stations and your  shows  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in  your  spare  time?

Reading and checking out conspiracy theories. Do my own research.
Seriously, I love gardening. Relaxing..

12.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill out  this   interview  do  you    have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?
You are very welcome.  Take time to enjoy life, right a wrong, keep it real and keep it METAL \,,/

                                             Castle   Blakk  Radio 

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Interview with Adrien and Vociferian done by Patrick on 4-16-15

Here  is  a new  interview  with  the  long  running  band  vociferian   that  is the  brain child  of  one  Adrien  who  has  been  making  music  since the  mid   90's  with  some  excellent  bands from  old-school death/black to  a  more  raw blackend/war  sound.This  Interview  is  mainly  about   Vociferian  and  Adrien's  underground  activities.
Enjoy  and  expect  more  new  reviews and  interviews  very  soon

Interview  with  Adrien  vocalist  and  all  Instruments  of  Vociferian  done  by   Patrick

1.Hails  Adrien  When  did  you  first  discover   metal  music? Who  were  some  of the  first  bands  you   listened to?

Salutations to you, your fanzine and all the readers of it. About your first question, it all depends about how you define "metal music".
To answer more easily to your interrogation, I can say that music really has touched me when I was around 8 years old. Discovering this way different style of sound very accidentally, just watching TV, where I've been able to see a video from Guns N'Roses... Then it was a pure revelation for me. It immediately gave me a thrill that from there I've been always searching and I'm still carving for nowadays, of course. I knew at this time, that something like a seed has been rooted in me and that it would never stop growing until I die.
2.Adrien  you   formed  Vociferian  in   1998   what  gave  you  the  idea  to  form  this  band/project?How  did  you  come  up  with  the  name  for  the  band?
 I was already inloved at this period in some local bands. And was already disappointed about the lack of seriousness and involvement of friends and muscians that I used to play with.
In the meantime I was already verry influenced myself, by the 90's great era of the purest and traditional black metal scene with some hints of death metal and black death metal roots as well.
Finally the necessity to form something unique and shape it all by myself without any other protagonist behind of it just came as an evidence, something very natural. As I've always been someone lost deep in my internal questioning and thoughts you know... lonesome and introspective.
3.Adrien   you  are  the  sole  member  of    Vociferian   did you  plan  to  keep     Vociferian  a  one man  band  or  have you  ever  looked for  other  members to  join? 
 Vociferian will always be a one man band, because it's the purest nature of it. To me, it would have absolutely no sense to change its structure in what makes of it its real entity actually.
For example, Vociferian has never played any live shows until now, and I don't think that it will happen one day. Even if I'm not of those who close the door to any possibility... time will tell.
For now, I recently took the decision to require the skills of a session drummer. Not that I couldn't do the work myself, just that  regarding my personal life and planning deadlines it has become difficult for me not to delegate this part of the creating process. Hopefully, I found trust in a very good musician and drummer who works it all with all the seriousness and expectations that I ask for. He is very involved and ready to work it enough to make it  100% in the shape I'm waiting for.
4.If  you   had the  opportunity  to  work  with  any  musican's  {past  or  present}  who  are  some  musicians  you  would  like  to  work  with?
 Something probably absolutely impossible... but if this could happen... Guys of GN'R in the very early 90's or at the opposite work on something with mister Morgan Hakansson would be a with great pleasure and honor for me of course.
5.How  would  you  say   Vociferian's   music   has  changed   over  the  years? Who  are  some  of the  biggest  influences  for  this  band? 
 Vociferian had many shapes since its creation, and it's also what is fully part of it's unique entity. It has been first influenced by the 2nd wave of the 90's "traditional" black metal scene, with the grimness, coldness and very scandinavian and european elitist imprint. And later it has been more filled with the aggression of unadulterated satanic despise and ferocity of the blackest emanations of evil orthodoxy and bestial darkness. Finally it often returns to roots with the natural breeze breathing by the forests and earthly energies like for example you can feel it listening to the "Beredsamkeit" opus. If I really had to mention of very few influences I wouldn't be that original, just saying Immortal, Marduk, Impaled Nazarene, Bathory, Vinterland, Ildjarn, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, Von, Sarcofago, Impiety, Beherit ... you know, nothing that out-of-the-box. As we all know where we are coming from... end of 80's & the 90's golden era of these genres
6.Does  Vociferian   have  any  new  merchandise  or  releases  coming  out  this  year? If  yes  can  you   please  let  the  fans  know  when  it  will be  available  and  where  can  the  fans  buy the  stuff?
 Recently, a limited edition of a Long Sleeve Shirt and a Hooded Sweater has been released by Jinn Merchandising who officially release licenced merch for great names like Impiety, Enthroned, Nargaroth and so on... I heard that  the hoodies are already sold out and there will be no reprint of them as it was a special occasion release in the name of the "Possezed Worshiperz Ov Doom" track that was figuring on the "Triumphant Usurper Beast" album release of 2005. A great design that was created for it by the artist who lately worked the principal sigil of the Marduk "Front Schwein" release and merchandising. A few items of the Long Sleeve must still be available and you can find contact searching for "Jinn Merchandise" on Facebook.
We are also seeing to produce some new Vociferian official logo metallic pins/bages with the same merchandising provider from Asia.

Another Hooded Sweaters entitled "Jugement" is in preparation, fully printed (sleeves and hood printed).
I'm particularly expecting for this one that will be released by a US label. Because it is really well representative about the way Vociferian is nowadays taking...
The spirit and mind of it of now. We also worked it with the same artist as mentioned above, and he really satisfied all my expectations concerning it.
So don't miss this really great merchandising release VERY soon out. Just keeping an eye opened on these pages:
7. Adrien   when  did  you  first  start  playing  the  guitars?  Are  you  self-taught   or  did you take  lessons  when  first  starting  out?
 I learned a bit about playing guitar since I was around 10 years old, I had a few lessons with a music teacher then. I've been teached a very few about "solfege", just enough to get on a classic guitar and start practicing.

Of course I put my hands on an electric guitar quickly after that. And as my ear was already enough skilled to recognize notes in a song that appreciated for example and try to find these same notes back on the neck of my guitar, then the lessons of my teacher didn't appeal me that much from there and I prefered to practice all by myself searching for things I'd like to play, composing personal stuff and so on... So I think that I'm more of a self-taught musician in the end, to answer you well.
8.Who  are  some  of your influences /favorite   guitarists? Besides  singing  and  playing the guitars  what  other  instruments do  you  play?  Are their  any  instruments you  would  like to  learn  someday?
 As favorite guitarsists I could mention Slash (not original, but he does the job for what is for me the biggest "guitar hero" of this planet), Kirk Hammett (even lacking of "feeling" beside of Slash as an example), for the black metal investigation I would still think of Morgan Hakansson even if some other great names of the scene may be very  much more talented and expert... I like a lot his way of composing some very tough and straight warring hymns... I like a very too long list of other musical subgenres which includes great guitarists so that would be really to hard for me to mentioned all those who I admire here of course.

I play drums of course, as I used to record all instruments myself, and the same for bass guitar... also a bit of keyboard and piano (very few)
9.Adrien  you  also  handle  the  vocals  for the  band  when  did you  first become  interested in  singing/growling? Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep  your  throat/voice  healthy ?Who  are  some  of your  favorite  vocalist?
I started "growling" very young (maybe 12),  just after being confronted to my first listen at some "deep grunted vocals" thrash and death metal acts of course. I was so impressed by such a morbid way to express yourself by the vocals that I immediately attempted to do the same... and well... it came very naturally actually. I mean, I never really thought about how doing  this. It was like a second nature already there and I just  had to let it burst out from inside me. 

I have no special trick or advice to keep your voice safe and healthy. I mean that's true that sometime you have to get some rest for your throat to recover well before torturing it again that way.
And I often take care of it, when I know that I'm about to record some new vocals sessions of course.
10.In  your   opinion  what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground   metal  scene  today? And  what  does  the  term  Underground metal  mean  to  you?
I will answer first to the second side of your question. Because it's really simple for me to say that Underground means "against the main stream". All is said in it, nowadays something known or less known does have no importance. You have to fight for your own ideas, for what you believe in... not for what a group or "pseudo elite" may think. THIS is what I consider as the spirit of this word : UNDERGROUND

Today the underground scene is polluted and very saturated. There are too much new things, to much polluting bands that have absolutely no culture and no honor, no background and only here to proclaim their poor "fame" with no glory. While some other great names are just drowned with the rest of this filth and therefore can't emerge the way they should deserve...
Here is how I see the scene today. People are also always more less buying that  downloading, which is a sad reality... but we are here and until it's the case the scene will stand and still!
11.Besides   Vociferian   you  were  also  in  the  mighty  Luger  band  when  did you  form  this  band?  How  would  you  say the  music  was different  then  Vociferian's?
 Lüger was formed in 200/2003. It was meant to produce a militarist blackened death metal act, with the coldness of war and elitism of totalitarian imagery... as well as the irreverence and heavy weight of a horned divison of panzers. Our intentions at this time was to be the european response to a band such VON, embraced with the atmospheres of the iron legions. 
12.I read  on  your  F.B  page  that  you  are getting ready to  re-release the  Kill,Worship  and  Die  on  Lp   what  label  will  this  be  through? How  many copies  are  available?
 It will be very limited: 300 copies! As the CD version that had been out 10 years ago was sold out the year of its release in 2005 (limited to 1000 items).
DEATHCAMP RECORDS has just opened the pre-orders of the LP edition which will include a fantastic alternative cover artwork.
You can place pre-order for 20€ + postage at
13.Will you  or  any  label's  be  releasing  Kill,Worship  and  Die   on  cd  or  possibly  cassette format?  Why  did  the  band  stop/break-up? Have  you  ever thought  of  bringing  it  back  from the dead?
 There will be no other re-edition, that's the integrity of the band that I want to preserve this way. Those who have the  first CD edition are lucky to have such a great collector in their hands. That's also why I wanted an alternative artwork for the LP edition. This way both release will stay totally unique and rare!

I don't want to come back on the reason about the initial split of the band. It has been apolemic for too long and I prefer to look  and move forward.
I always stand and turn my eyes towards tomorrow than being passive and wasting my time with lost feuds from the past.
14.Besides    Vociferian     are you  currently  working  with  any  other  bands or  projects? If  yes   please  tell  the  readers  about  them?
 Of course I do. Soon will be out the whole discography of Macabra (my death metal band with Mark Riddick) on the norwaygian label Apocalyptic Empire Records. Ebauche Noire debut album will also appear on a Digipack this summer on Nyarlathotep Records (Brazil)... For 2016 we are thinking about the LP edition of the Goatholocaust "Satan Jugend" full length for the decade of its original release on Infernus Rex (RIP) Netherlands...

A 4 way 7' split EP with Vociferian/Manticore/ Obeisance/Infernal Execrator is scheduled for this year and I'm seriously working on the next Vociferian full length which will be once more a very personal and unique piece in its concept and interpretation.
15.Thank  you  Adrien   for  taking  the  time to  fill this  interview   out do  you  have  any final  words  for  the  readers?

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New Metal reviews done by Patrick on 4-16-15

Metal   Hails!!
Here  is  a  new  batch  of  old-school death,black  and thrash   reviews  for  everyone  to  read and  hopefully  enjoy/find  some  new  metal  for their  collection.Support the  bands  and  labels  and  buy  and repost  their  links.

Decayed--Into  The  Depths  Of  Hell   cd   {Hell  Prod.}Here  is  the  brand  new release  from  one  of  Portugals   longest  running death  metal  hordes  Decayed.Furious  old-school  death  metal that  is  done  to  perfection.Crazed  guitar  riffs  that  are  done  with  a lot  of  power  and  skill.The  guitarist  does  slow to  a  mid paced range  and  even throws  some  solo's  into the  mix.The  drumming  is  done to  perfection  with  a  varied  tempo  going from  fast  drum  patterns  to  a  more  controlled  slower  drumming  in  a  few  of the  songs.The  vocals  are  done  with  some  great  gruff death  growls  and  even  use  some  vicious screams. This  is  a   must  have  for  all  those  into   old-school  death  metal. 

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Eternal  Armageddon--Black Thrash Bastards   demo  {Self-released}This  is  Eternal  Armageddon's  second  demo  to  see the  light  of  day  and  the  band  originally  started  out  playing  a melodic  style of  black metal.But  with the   new  demo "Black Thrash Bastards"  the  band  has  gone  more  for  a  thrashy blackend  sound  which  is  done  extremely  well and  played  with a lot  of  good  drum  patterns  and  guitars.The  drums  start  out  at  a  mid paced range  before  speeding  up to  a  faster  beat  The  guitars  are  in the same  vein  starting  off  with  a  lightning  speed  intense  riffs  but  are  not to  over the  top  and  do  know  when to  slow  down to  a  heavy metal  guitar  speed.This  is  a  great  demo  from the  Bangladesh  band   hopefully  they  will  stick  with  this  style  and  put  out  some  more  great  music  in the coming  months  or  years.  
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 Imperial  Savagery--Imperial  Savagery   cd demo {Self Released}
Chicago's  Imperial  Savagery play  a  nice  blend  of  heavy  and  fast  old school  death  metal with  some  thrashy  guitars  in  some  of the  tracks.The  band  is extremely  talented  with  some  very  well  written  guitar  patterns  and  a  few  solos   mixed  in  a few  of the  songs.The  drumming  is  in  top  form  in  these  songs  ranging  from  fast  drum patterns to some catchy  and  extremely tight.The  vocals  are death growls  entertwined  with some original  style  gruff vocal  patterns.If  your  a  fan  of  early to  mid  nineties  death metal  then  defintly  pick this  cd  up  today.
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Nocturnas-The Science Of Horror  LP  {Nuclear War  Now}
Nuclear War  Now  has  found  and  released  the  early  demo's  from one   of  the earliest  U.S  death  metal  hordes.The  Science Of Horror  demo  starts   off this  slab  of  death,thrashing  mayhem  with  four  songs  of early  death metal  with  some  thrashing  influence And  even  in  the demo's the  band recorded you  can  hear the beginnings  of their  technical guitars in a few sections.As this  is  one of the  pioneers  of the scene.Up  next  is the  1987  demo  titled  demo 1  while  this  demo  is  much  more raw  in  production  you  can  still  make  out  all the  instruments.The  guitars  are  much  faster and  have  a thrashy  vibe and  sound  within these songs and  even  in the early  demo  you  can  hear that  this  band was extremely  focused  and  knew  how to  play  their  instruments.The  drumming  is done  with  a  variety  of  fast  drum  patterns to  a  more  slower mid pace  range.This  is  a  must  have   for  any  fans  of  Nocturnas  or  if your  a  fan  of early  death  metal  this  is a great  release to  get   your  hands  on  today.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Interview with the U.S heavy metal band Where Evil Follows done by Patrick on 3-21-15

Metal  Hails 
Hope  everyone  is  having  a  good weekend/day?Here  is  a new  interview  with  the  U.S  speed/thrash band   "Where  Evil  Follows"  who  have  just  released their debut  cd  "Portable Darkness"  through  Moribund  Recc.  so  if  your  into  traditional  heavy  metal  with  some elements  of thrash/speed metal  then  do  yourself  a favor  and  buy this  cd  today.

Interview   with  Toby  Knapp  guitarist  of  Where  Evil  Follows   done  by   Patrick

1.Metal  Hails  Toby how  is  2015  starting  out for you?  when did  you  first  encounter   metal  music?
Hails Patrick! 2015 is going great. So far I've devoted the year to music, practicing the guitar several hours a day, recording lots of guest guitar work for my friend Mark Riddick's band Fetid Zombie. I'm also teaching guitar a little bit through internet lessons and a few students in person. I encountered metal at a very young age as it was developing. I was about 4 years old and was always looking through my parents records and I became mesmerized with "Killer" by Alice Cooper, "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, Lots of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple. The biggest life changing record for me was Led Zeppelin's second album- my mom knew that even as a toddler I was gravitating towards the heavy stuff; "Well kiddo, you better hear this album then"- ha,ha- from that point forward I've been hooked. At four years old I knew Jimmy Page was going to be a lifelong inspiration. This all happened to me in the mid 70's before I even started pre-school. I remember also really liking that first Black Oak Arkansas album, their was this intangible creepiness to it that was appealing.
2.At  what  age did  you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Are  you  self taught  or did you take  lessons  when  first  beginning?
I always wanted to play- I just viewed it as impossible though. My parents sent me to a great teacher when I was around nine I think, but I didn't last because it became so hard. Everything was running smooth until I was confronted with the F chord. I couldn't do it and gave up. A few years later I saw the Led Zeppelin concert movie "The Song Remains The Same" and when it ended, I went and picked up my guitar- taught myself some Zep riffs and never put the guitar down since. That movie made me decide "this is it, this is what I want to do." Things progressed from there when Yngwie Malmsteen arrived on the scene. I had the Jimmy Page fundamentals down and began learning some of Yngwie's way. When my guitar teacher saw this transformation he gave me a Paul Gilbert instructional video "I think this is what you are looking for" he told me- and my life changed
3.Who  are  some  of your   influences/favorite  guitarists? Do  you  currently  play  any  other  instruments  or  are their  any you  would  like  to  learn  to  play  someday?
Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robert Fripp, Akira Takasaki, Alex Lifeson, Denis D' Amour (Piggy RIP), Akira Takasaki, Tony Fredianelli, Hank Shermann, Michael Denner. I like progressive rock from the 70's, traditional Heavy Metal from the 80's and the early waves of Black Metal up until the late 90's- these are my favorite forms of music. I play drums, bass and keyboards as well. I'm not really interested in learning any new instruments but rather, improving on all those instruments
4.  Toby  you  and  Dean  Sternberg{vocalist}  started  Where  Evil  Follows   last  year.What gave  you  the  idea  to  start  up  this  band? For the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Where  Evil  Follows   how  would  you  best  describe the  music?

I just felt the time was right for a traditional heavy metal record. I had come full circle by doing the instrumental album (Static Warfare 2013) followed up by a Black Metal record (Waxen's "Agios Holokauston"2014) and throughout my career- that seems to be the order of albums I do. I also wanted an album out that could translate well live to some crazy headbangers. I want to perform live again and think this album is a good vehicle for that. Where Evil Follows is a kind of traditional Heavy Metal that sounds like the time just prior to thrash. When Slayer's "Show No Mercy" was just aggressive speed metal, Metallica and Megadeth were just heavier heavy metal bands. You had bands like Agent Steel, Helstar, Iron Angel, Abbatoir, Attacker, Warlord, Mercyful Fate, Vicious Rumors, etc. who were traditional metal with that extra boost over the top- but the vocalists were still singing and the music still relatively melodic. That's the sound I was shooting for on this one. It could have been on Combat or Shrapnel Records in the early to mid eighties, when metal was pure.

5.Where  Evil  Follows   is  getting  ready  to  release their  debut  cd  "Portable  Darkness"  through  the  mighty  Moribund  Rec.How  long  did  it  take  you  all to  write the  music  for this  release? Do you  both  work on  creating the  music  or do you  write  everything?

It did not take me very long because I was inspired on this one. I knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like, the whole vibe. It is technical to an extent- but not to the point where it's prog for prog's sake. It was made to be enjoyed and not necessarily to impress. I have worked with Dean many times and we have a good chemistry. I simply provide him with all the music and let him take it from there because he doesn't deliver crap, he is one of the best. The only thing I do is say "don't sing over that riff unless you really feel it" I'm giving him a suggestion and an opinion and not a strict order because he knows what he's doing and I trust his judgement. The riffs wouldn't pack a punch without his vocal melodies. His lyrics are intelligent as well.
6.Do  you  all  have  any  plans for  any  "live"   performances  this  year  or  is   Where  Evil  Follows   a  studio  only  project/band?
If we can find the right drummer and bassist we will definitely be performing live this year- so we are on the hunt now. Dean played bass and is a great musician, but expressed that singing these intricate lines while doing an onslaught on bass guitar might be too much, he's up for it if that's what our only choice is.....but I think he would make an excellent front man vocalist for this band when we tour. If we don't find the right people and don't become a live band for this album, we will still record. Sadly, their was a small moment where there were talks of recruiting the Onward rhythm section, that way fans who missed Onward live would at least see the three surviving members. We would have played some old Onward classics mixed in with the new Where Evil Follows music. That door is closed forever now. I need younger musicians who have the fire and drive. I have never been healthier or playing better so I'm ready to roll.
7.Besides the debut cd  "Portable  Darkness"  does  the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  fans?
It's so new, right now all we have is the cd. There has been talk of doing a vinyl release of the album with a European label and I'm certain we will have some pretty cool shirts soon. As the album progresses along and if we can get a band together I'm sure we will have plenty of merchandise for the fans.
8.Are their  any  plans  to  make  a  music  video  for  any of  Where  Evil  Follows   songs? Are their  any  songs you  feel  would  make  a good  video?

Personally I'd like to do a video for "A World Away". There has been a lot of discussion about doing a video for the Black Sabbath cover "Disturbing the Priest". Maybe we will get to do both. It is still very early in the game and we will see how things go. Videos are often more expensive to make than an album if you want them done right. Again, if live action is in our future, things will move forward in all aspects of the band. Otherwise it's just going to be Dean and I releasing music when we have time. I'm okay with that.
9.Toby I   know  you  have  been  a  part  of the  metal  underground  for  many  years.How  do you   feel  the  scene  has  changed  over  the   years?

Well it was once all about writing letters and trading cassettes through snail mail. It was something you really had to be involved in and take initiative. It was organic and it was real. I remember getting little ads in the mail from Moribund Records when they were just releasing some cassettes or flyers from Norway to order Emperor's first demo direct from the band! It wasn't even called Black Metal- it was "Evil Death Metal." So many aspects of the scene has changed; getting "signed", touring, music. It's a tough scene to break into for a new band because bands out number both fans and labels. This is the good thing about having been in the scene for so long, I have some credibility and play by different rules than newcomers.

10.Besides  Where  Evil  Follows    toby  I  know  you  are  also  the  master mind  behind  the  black metal  band  "Waxen"  when did you  start this  band? How  did you  come  up  with the name for  this  band?

I started Waxen in late 2003 after the demise of my band Onward. I've always been a fan of true Black Metal but wasn't going to do it unless I felt it inside. Well, the first Waxen album "Fumaroth" is a blitzkrieg of hate and the time came again eight years later to deliver another black strike- so Moribund picked me up and that was killer and resulted in "Agios Holokauston" which did pretty good. I can't wait to unleash the third Waxen album, I'm pulling out all the stops. The name Waxen just came to me after finishing the album "Fumaroth"....I just thought "Waxen". It sounded right for the music somehow.

11.Besides  Where  Evil  Follows   and  Waxen  are you  currently   working  with  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects?
I'm gathering up and compiling a bunch of unreleased live footage for a DVD release through Shredguy Records this year. It will have some Onward gigs from the early 2000's and a bonus "solo" gig from 1993. I was thinking of recording a solo neo-classical metal EP to go along with the release of the DVD as part of the whole package. I really have that Malmsteen vibe going on at the moment and would like to capture it on tape since my playing has become much more focused, precise and technical in recent months.
12.If you  had  the  opportunity to  work  with  any  musicians{past  or  present}  who  would  you   like  to  work  with?

There are no names anymore. Those things just happen if synchronicities align to make them happen. I've been fortunate to work with musicians like Tony Fredianelli, Ray Luzier, Attila Csihar, Jeff Gruslin, Fetid Zombie, Solium Fatalis, Sean Baker, Steve Plocica, Dean Sternberg and Marcus Johansson.  I don't actively seek collaborators, sometimes things just happen and it works. It is always interesting to see what is next on the horizon, anything is possible.
13.When  not  working  on  music  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in  your  free  time?
Thinking about the next music I'll be working on. Listening to music, collecting music. It's all music, it's never been any other way. I like to read a lot. Lately I've been really into different combinations of guitars and amps. I'm looking for very specific pressings of Beatles albums. I like a good night's sleep and if there is anything interesting to watch, i'll watch it. Some of the seemingly authentic paranormal shows are kinda cool- but I hate it when they begin to look like MTV style reality tv shows, the tv goes off. Popular culture is so fucked.
14.Thank  you  Toby  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  out  this  interview  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?
Thank you for checking out the album and coming up with some good questions! I appreciate all my friends and listeners worldwide and I will continue to deliver the musical goods the best I can. Hails!!!
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